Comments by the MFA Information and Press Department on the expanded US sanctions against Russia

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We see Washington's new anti-Russian sanctions as yet another hostile step under the US Administration's confrontational approach. In a situation where a ceasefire has been negotiated, albeit with much difficulty, in southeastern Ukraine and a dialogue based on Russian President Vladimir Putin's peace initiatives seems to be shaping up between the authorities in Kiev and the leaders of Novorossiya, it is the United States that is betting on an escalation of the internal Ukrainian conflict and an intensification of sanction related pressure on the Russian Federation.

It would seem the White House should have understood long ago that it will never force us to change our position of principle through juggling sanctions. We will not do anything to promote US geopolitical ambitions or bow to US politicians who seek to use a "controlled Ukraine" in order to contain Russia. Those in Washington, who shortsightedly continue to build up sanctions, while disregarding not only US business interests but also national security considerations that dictate the need to strengthen cooperation with Russia in maintaining global stability and fighting modern challenges such as international terrorism and drug trafficking, are acting to the detriment of the United States' own interests.

To be sure, our retaliatory sanctions will not be long in coming, although they, as we have repeatedly said, represent a forced measure. We are leaving the door open for constructive and honest bilateral cooperation, including assistance in settling the Ukrainian crisis, if the US is ready for this. Washington must recognise that a universally acceptable resolution to the internal Ukrainian conflict can only be based on respect for the interests of the involved parties.

12 September 2014




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