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Russia has consistently stood for resolving all problems of the Korean Peninsula, including overcoming the national division, exclusively through peaceful political and diplomatic means.

With a view to supporting inter-Korean political dialogue and economic interaction as crucial prerequisites for maintaining peace, stability and security in Northeast Asia, Russia pursues the policy aimed at maintaining friendly relations based on the principles of neighbourliness and mutually beneficial cooperation with the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) and the Republic of Korea. Interaction with the two Korean States is built on a solid contractual and legal basis and reinforced by regular contacts at various levels.
The current agenda includes ensuring sustainable growth and qualitative improvement of the bilateral trade structure and attracting South Korean investments into the Russian economy, primarily into Siberia and the Far East regions.

The development of commercial and economic ties with the DPRK is seriously limited by UN SC sanctions imposed against that country in connection with its nuclear-missile programme. Nevertheless, Russia seeks to expand progressively multidimensional cooperation with North Korea in certain practical areas that are not affected by the restrictions. We consider engaging the DPRK in international economic cooperation, including the trilateral (Russia–DPRK–Republic of Korea) format, as an important stabilizing factor that contributes to building confidence between the North and the South of Korea, and creating a favourable atmosphere for fostering the inter-Korean dialogue.

Russia is ready for constructive cooperation with all stakeholders in order to find solutions to the nuclear and other problems of the Korean Peninsula in the context of a general military and political lessening of tensions in Northeast Asia.