О творческой цензуре газеты «Айриш Индепендент»

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Дорогие читатели нашей странички,

Представляем очередной образец творческой цензуры на этот раз со стороны газеты «Айриш Индепендент». Газета опубликовала комментарий Посла России по поводу сомнительного освещения 75-й годовщины Победы, но поработала с текстом ножницами.

Ниже мы публикуем полный текст комментария, где выделены убранные газетой места.

Судите сами.

ERRORS THAT MUST NOT BE REPEATED (Letter to the Editor of “The Irish Independent”)
The coverage by “The Irish Independent” of the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War, to put it mildly, is questionable.
In its Editorial “History Highlights Errors that Must Not be Repeated” as well as in the article by Michael Drummond from London “Two-minute silence as UK remembers wartime sacrifices amid lockdown” (“The Irish Independent”, May 8, 2020) the paper fails to mention even once the country, which really did the job and made possible the defeat of nazism – the Soviet Union.
In reality it was the Red Army and the Soviet people who broke the spine of the Hitler’s Reich, demolishing 4/5 of the nazi armed forces. It was the Red Army that liberated Europe, ending the war in Berlin.
That was recognized at the moment by the Allied leaders. British Prime Minister Churchill wrote to Stalin on September 27, 1944: “It is the Russian Army that tore the guts out of the German military machine and is at the present moment holding by far the larger portion of the enemy on its front”.
US President Roosevelt echoed the idea in his message to general MacArthur, saying that “from the strategic point of view… it is hard to avoid an obvious fact, that Russian armies destroy more personnel and armaments of the enemy than all other 25 states of the United Nations taken together”.
The photo of General Jodl signing the surrender was made in the city of Rheims in France on May 7, 1945 far away from Berlin.
That was hastily organized event without due representation from the Soviet and other Allied command. After the sharp rebuke from the Soviet Government the real and internationally recognized ceremony took place on May 8, 1945 in Karlshorst, the eastern suburb of Berlin, where the commander of the 1st Belorussian front Marshal Georgiy Zhukov together with the representatives of the Allied command in Europe accepted the unconditional capitulation of the fascist Germany signed by Wilhelm Keitel, field marshal, Chief of the High Command of Wehrmacht. The procedure was over at 0.43 on May 9, and since then it is the sacred date in my country.
To ignore the decisive role of the Soviet Union in the defeat of fascism, the sacrifice of 26 mln of its people in the war against Hitler is a shameful act in itself. Furthermore, it is exactly a grave error which “The Irish Independent” suggests must not be repeated. As the famous saying goes, when you shoot at the history with a pistol, history fires back at you with a cannon.

Kind regards,
Yuriy Filatov,
Ambassador Plenipotentiary and Extraordinary
of the Russian Federation to Ireland


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