"Ambassador Moiseev: Russia does not need confrontation with the West"

"WHAT stands behind incessant attempts to vilify Russia ("What goes through Putin's mind but not Russians' stomachs"; Monday, 01.12.2014)?
It may be the fact that Russia now is a truly independent player - a unique achievement in today's world - and President Vladimir Putin
deserves the main credit for that.
Russia does not need confrontation with the West.
As President Putin said: "Russia is ready for cooperation with the US, provided it is based on respect for each other's interest and non-interference in domestic affairs. "Attempts to "subdue Russia to solve one's own problems at Russia's expense will fail. No one in
history ever managed to achieve this with Russia, and no one will".
President Putin's position vis-a-vis the Ukrainian crisis is well known. Ukraine needs federalisation in order to settle the ongoing turmoil, while people living in the south-eastern regions of Ukraine need to realise that "they can decide something for themselves in their lives". It is not Russia's fault that the West promotes the
opposite approach.
In order to avoid misreading Russia - a typical Western mistake repeated century after century - it is useful to read Sir Winston Churchill, who once famously said: "I can not forecast to you the action of Russia but perhaps there is a key. That key is Russian
national interest."
By the way, what is bad in celebrating 200 years of Russia's victory over Napoleon? Next year,we will celebrate 70 years of Russia's victory over Hitler. And on the eve of this event, the United States, Canada and Ukraine (only three of them) voted against the United Nations General Assembly resolution condemning the glorification of Nazism.
Leonid Moiseev
Ambassador of Russia to Singapore

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