Посол России о развитии российско-брунейского сотрудничества в сфере науки и образования

30 января 2016 г. в газете «Бруней Таймс» было опубликовано интервью Посла России в Брунее В.С.Семиволоса о перспективах продвижения российско-брунейского сотрудничества в области науки и образования.

Ссылка на публикацию на английском языке

Interview of Ambassador of Russia to Brunei H.E. Mr. Vladlen Semivolos to "The Brunei Times": Brunei, Russia to collaborate in education, research

BRUNEI and Russia are finalising two memoranda of understanding (MoU) to promote more education, research and cultural programmes.

Russian Ambassador to Brunei Vladlen Semivolos said the signing of MoUs will encourage mutual exchanges and facilitate relations between institutions of higher learning and research in both countries.

“The memorandum on mutual understanding on cooperation in higher education and science will pave way to establishing direct ties between institutions of higher learning of our countries, allowing Bruneian students to be enrolled in Russian universities,” he said in an email interview.

He said Russia has a strong Islamic theological school, where some prominent Islamic universities are located in the cities of Kazan, Ufa, Grozny and Moscow.

“We are certain that establishing direct ties between Russian Islamic universities and UNISSA here will open good opportunities for deepening mutual understanding and people-to-people contacts between our countries,” he added.

Semivolos said Russia is determined to encourage its education institutions to develop exchanges with Bruneian counterparts.

Young Bruneians who want to pursue a career in the medical profession can benefit from acquiring education in Russia, he said.

The ambassador said medical schools in Moscow and St Petersburg, for example, are among the strongest in the world and are popular among students from countries in this region, especially Malaysia.

To help foreign students overcome the language barrier and be eligible for admission to Russian universities, many of them offer specialised language training, he said.

Meanwhile, the ambassador said the embassy here is discussing a possibility of opening a “Russian World Study Room” at the Language and Literature Bureau library at Bandar Seri Begawan, for people interested in studying the Russian language.

He said this initiative is also to increase knowledge and understanding of Russian culture.

The opening of the Russian World Study Room at the library in the capital would provide a selected collection of learning textbooks and literature.

Information materials and audio-visual presentations about modern Russia, its culture and history will also be made available once it opens.

The Brunei Times


Rachel Thien

Bandar Seri Begawan

Saturday, January 30, 2016


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