Comment by the Information and Press Department on leaking the mid-term report by the UN Security Council Sanctions Committee on North Korea’s expert group to the media


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Moscow is indignant in connection with the leaking of the contents of a report by the expert group of the UN Security Council Sanctions Committee on North Korea (1718 Sanctions Committee) to the media earlier this month, prior to its discussion by this Committee’s members and prior to its official circulation by the UN Security Council President. This is by no means the first instance of publicly leaking the Committee’s confidential documents, which constitutes a glaring violation of Committee regulations and practical aspects of its activities, as well as elementary diplomatic ethics.

Considering the report’s contents, it is obvious that this incident aims to pressure certain countries on the North Korean file within the policy promoted by a number of actors to exert maximum pressure on Pyongyang. This is being done contrary to Pyongyang’s current willingness to cooperate on denuclearisation and to help normalise the situation on the Korean Peninsula. Proceeding from the logic “seek among those who profits from this,” it is easy to guess who is behind these leaks.

We are planning to demand that the UN Secretariat conduct a prompt and thorough investigation of this outrageous incident, identify the culprits, report all circumstances of the incident to the Committee and suggest measures for preventing similar incidents in the future. We expect members of the 1718 Sanctions Committee to take the most active part in these efforts as well.

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