Comment by Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov on US sanctions against a Russian bank


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The sanctions against the Moscow-based Agrosoyuz commercial bank are the 54th time since 2011 that the United States has resorted to bullying our country. Even the American politicians suffering from an acute form of Russophobia have started to admit that none of their attempts to put pressure on Russia have worked. However, they continue to hold their ground with fanatical persistence. The only result they have managed to achieve so far is to demonstrate their helplessness.

Incidentally, the same goes for a host of draft laws that have been produced by the US Congress of late. Those who drafted them are seeking to impose further sanctions on our country, being blinded as they are by their firm belief in the inviolability of US hegemony. Of course, their attempts to stop Russia from following its path and dictate to us are doomed to failure. The absurd performances put up by senators and congressmen for the American public in a bid to have the voters better remember them in the run-up to the November elections cannot but make us smile.

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