Comment by the Information and Press Department on US President Donald Trump’s decision to change US policy toward Cuba


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The decision by US President Donald Trump to change the policy of the United States toward Cuba is reminiscent of Cold War era rhetoric. When the previous US administration softened US stance towards Cuba after decades of this rhetoric, we saw this, with good reason, as a change that was not so much evidence of the goodwill of individual politicians as proof of the failure of a policy of dictate and sanctions against a small freedom-loving island. We believed that it was not the result of some negotiation, but a substantiated political decision and that fringe anti-Castro forces were the only losers.

It has turned out that anti-Cuba rhetoric has not lost its appeal in the United States. This is regrettable. We believe that it is obvious to everyone that an arrogant stance toward Cuba has no chance of success, as evidenced from the past 50 years of history. Have the Washington politicians and Miami politicos not learned this yet?

We confirm our consistent solidarity with Cuba, which is a friendly and peaceful country and a respected member of the international community that is playing a constructive role in Latin American and global affairs. We are against any kind of embargo, sanctions or dividing lines. We are for dialogue and cooperation. We are for building bridges and for interaction without dictate or attempts to interfere in the internal affairs of sovereign states.

The voting on the UN General Assembly resolution on the necessity of ending the blockade of Cuba is proof that the overwhelming majority of countries share this view. We urge the Trump administration to take account of this almost unanimous opinion of the international community.

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