Foreign Ministry statement on the situation in Turkey


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Moscow is concerned about the recent developments in the Republic of Turkey. The rise in internal political tensions against a backdrop of the continued threat of terrorism in the country and armed conflict in the region could disrupt international and regional stability.

We urge the Turkish authorities and people to settle their current problems without resorting to violence and to respect the principles of constitutional order.

We reaffirm our willingness to work jointly with the legally elected Turkish authorities to promote bilateral relations in the best interests of our people and to search for effective solutions to current international issues, primarily the threat of terrorism.

Active efforts are being undertaken to ensure the safety of Russian citizens in Turkey. The Consulate General of Russia has established a crisis management centre, and a Consulate General employee has been stationed in the Istanbul airport. We are prepared to provide all necessary assistance to Russian citizens in Turkey.

Hotline number: + 10 90 530 941 03 68, + 10 90 212 292 51 01/02/03

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