The Sun alleges Russia interferes in Libya

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On October 9, The Sun, a British tabloid, published an article titled “Russia is moving troops and missiles into Libya in a bid to enforce a new stranglehold on the West.” The article purports that Russia is openly carrying out military and political interference in Libya’s domestic affairs, seeking “to make the war-torn North African country ’its new Syria’.” The article is written in an emphatically alarmist style, and is designed to frighten ordinary British readers with a mythical Russian military threat.

The Russian Foreign Ministry would like to emphasise that the British media, including The Sun, are part of a global media campaign to denigrate Russia. In this case, the British title offers a new set of allegations to the international community, this time related to “Russian interference in Libya.” At the same time, just as before, these insinuations lack any logic or supporting evidence.

We reiterate that Russia acts strictly in keeping with the UN Security Council resolutions regarding Libya. In all our undertakings, we focus on collective efforts with all the responsible parties in Libya in the interests of the speedy implementation of the roadmap for national reconciliation, prepared by the UN Secretary General’s Special Representative for Libya Ghassan Salamé.

We recommend that journalists from the British media rely on first-hand information, including from the Foreign Ministry’s official website, when working on articles on Russian foreign policy.


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