The New York Times item about fake news

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On February 23, The New York Times published an article titled “With Big Red Stamp, Russia Singles Out What It Calls ‘Fake’ News.” We are grateful to its author, Neil MacFarquhar, for his attention to the Foreign Ministry website about fake news and his desire to understand the reasons behind this important project.

It is regrettable that Mr MacFarquhar does not understand, or does not want to understand our position, as we can see from his statements that “Russia appears to be labelling as fake any articles it dislikes,” and is “creating alternative realities.” Neither statement is true. We explained our position clearly and unambiguously at the February 22 briefing.

Mr MacFarquhar’s article will be added to our new project for two reasons. First, it deliberately distorts Russia’s position. And second, it does not even mention, let alone objectively analyse similar projects by Euro-Atlantic organisations.

We reaffirm our respect for the freedom of the press and an interested exchange of opinions. We are not going to create obstacles for journalists or prohibit any publications in Russia provided they respect Russian law. Unfortunately, we see certain elements in the work of leading media outlets – and not only in the West – which experts describe as the tabloidisation of the press. This negative trend is in evidence in many countries. Experts and political scientists around the world are raising alarm over the plummeting professional standards in journalism, which explains the publication of distorted and unreliable information and sometimes blatant lies. The media community has not yet found a way to respond to this new global challenge, which is undermining the principle of free speech.

For our part, we will continue to draw attention to unreliable information about Russia’s foreign policy published in the international media. You will not get silent consent to these lies from us.

We hope The New York Times will hear our opinion and will put forth our position objectively and in detail in its articles about the Russian Foreign Ministry. We also hope that the newspaper’s journalists will fight disinformation and attempts to create alternative realities not only in Russia but also at home and in other European capitals.



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