17 décembre 201911:36

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s greetings to the participants in the international workshop and conference Human Rights Protection in Eurasia: Exchange of Best Practices of Ombudsmen


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I would like to convey my greetings to the participants in the international conference “Human Rights Protection in Eurasia: Exchange of Best Practices of Ombudsmen,” organised by the Human Rights Commissioner of the Russian Federation. The Foreign Ministry appreciates its constructive ties with this Russian human rights institution.

Next year we will mark the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Second World War. By working together, member states of the anti-Hitler coalition laid the foundations of the post-war world order and shaped today’s framework for encouraging and protecting human rights. Since then, the international community has come a long way in promoting human rights and freedoms and advancing inclusive international cooperation in this sphere.

At the same time, quite a few human rights-related challenges persist in the Eurasian space that we share, including racial, ethnic and religious intolerance and human trafficking. A number of countries face the urgent issue of protecting ethnic minorities, including in terms of the right to citizenship and native language use. The spread of radical, including neo-Nazi, sentiments is a matter of concern.

Collective action is becoming increasingly relevant in effectively reversing these negative trends, including sharing experience and studying the world’s best practices. I strongly believe that your meeting will contribute to these efforts. I wish you fruitful discussions and all the best.



Moscow, December 17, 2019

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