Statement by Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova on Russia’s reciprocal list of British citizens banned from entry to the Russian Federation


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As is commonly known, in July 2020, under contrived and absurd pretexts, the British government announced its decision to introduce national sanctions against a number of Russian officials as part of the “Magnitsky case”.

We have repeatedly provided exhaustive comments and clarifications on all reports related to Sergey Magnitsky’s death but London, apparently, prefers to ignore our statements. There are no clear grounds on which they choose to “assign” the guilty and determine their “punishment”. Britain’s actions cannot be defined as anything but an attempt to interfere with the domestic affairs of another state and pressure the Russian justice system.

In response to the unfriendly actions by British officials and based on the principle of reciprocity, Russia decided to introduce personal sanctions against 25 representatives of Great Britain who will be banned from entering the Russian Federation.

These measures were introduced in accordance with Federal Law No. 114-FZ On the Procedures for Entry to and Exit from the Russian Federation, dated August 15, 1996.

Once again, we call on the British leadership to abandon the unsubstantiated confrontation course with regard to our country. No unfriendly steps will remain without an inevitable commensurate response.

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