Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov’s answer to a media question on a series of unacceptable statements by US officials


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Question: In the past few days, some high-ranking representatives of the US administration have voiced tough critical statements regarding Russia. They claimed that Russia was launching yet another misinformation campaign, resorting to energy weapons and trying to sow discord and uncertainty in Western countries. What is Moscow’s response to this?

Sergey Ryabkov: We have urged and continue to urge the US to renounce the inhumane practice of using unilateral sanctions against Iran which faces a dire shortage of resources to address the urgent healthcare tasks arising in the current situation regarding the expanding coronavirus pandemic. I am confident that Washington comprehends the difference between one-off supplies of humanitarian relief consignments and the country’s inability to obtain export revenues for financing the relevant programmes due to long-term and unprecedentedly tough pressure from US sanctions. Nevertheless, US officials, including high-placed ones, are not squeamish about blatantly distorting this fact, as they pursue their well-known geopolitical goals.

Regarding allegations about Russian energy weapons, we have been hearing discourses on this subject time and again. Doubtless, our colleagues in Washington will continue to use this thesis in the future. By referring to an external enemy in the energy sector and in the area of military-technical cooperation, the United States has long been bolstering its policy of diktat against countries interested in launching and expanding equitable and mutually beneficial cooperation with Russia. The United States is openly trying to torpedo the Nord Stream 2 project, and it has now made a series of insinuations about Russia’s line on global energy markets at this time of highly volatile prices and drastically reduced fuel and energy demand which is, first of all, linked with the shock to the global transport industry caused by the coronavirus outbreak.

Actually, there is a noticeable degree of nervousness in Washington. Such nervousness is quite understandable in the human context. But, at this time of trial, it would probably be more appropriate to focus on expanding various areas of mutual understanding and collaboration, rather than the pointless squaring of political accounts.

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