Press release on Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s telephone conversation with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo


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On February 12, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov had a telephone conversation with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo at the US initiative.

Concerning the US intention announced by the Secretary of State to impose new sanctions on Russia under the far-fetched pretext of last year’s murky incident with the poisoning of Sergey Skripal and his daughter Yulia in Salisbury, whom nobody has seen since then, Sergey Lavrov pointed out that this absolutely unsubstantiated decision would further complicate bilateral relations and the international environment.

Speaking on the current foreign policy subjects, Sergey Lavrov cautioned against any interference in the internal affairs of Venezuela, including the use of force which Washington has threatened to use in violation of international law. He expressed readiness to hold consultations on Venezuela based on the principles of the UN Charter.

Sergey Lavrov and Mike Pompeo also spoke about Syria and agreed on the need to continue their dialogue towards the implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 2254. They also exchanged opinions on the recent discussions held by the Russian Foreign Ministry and US Department of State officials on the developments around the Korean Peninsula and the importance of promoting a settlement in Afghanistan.

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