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Investment passport of the Tambov region

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The Tambov region has advantageous geographical location – in the center of Russia near the capital. The Tambov region is a part of the Central Federal District (CFD) and Central-Chernozem (black soil) district. The territory of the region covers over 34.5 thousand km2, it’s length from the north to the south is about 250 km, from the west to the east – about 200 km. The Tambov city – the administrative center of the region is situated 480 km south-east from Moscow. The region bounders with Ryazan, Penza, Saratov, Voronezh and Lipetsk regions.


The competitive advantage of the Tambov region is the developed transport infrastructure represented by an extensive network of roads and pipelines, as well as the existing airport of civil aviation "Tambov" (in the village Donskoe).

The total length of transport routes of the region is 20 191.6 km, including:

  • railways 754.6 km;
  • roads 19 279.2 km.

The length of the federal roads passing through the territory of the Tambov region is 611.1 km, the length of the regional roads - 1987.7 km, local roads – 16 680.4 km, 10 009.8 km of which are paved roads.

Michurinsk-the Science-city of the Tambov region  connects the centre of the country with the southern regions by means of the South-Eastern railway line. In addition, the territory of the region is crossed by other lines of railways of regional importance (polygons of the South-Eastern and Kuibyshev railways).

There are Federal highway R-22 "Caspian" of M-4 "Don"-Tambov-Volgograd-Astrakhan" and other Federal roads (R-193 Voronezh-Tambov, R-208 Tambov-Penza with the Northern and Southern bypass of the city of Tambov, R-119 eagle-Livny-Yelets-Lipetsk-Tambov) in the Tambov region.

There are two modernized bus stations in Tambov: bus station “Tambov” and bus station “Severny” that provide transportation on more than 400 inter-regional, inter-municipal and suburban routes of regular bus transport, as well as the railway station “Tambov” that was reconstructed in 2018-2019. 

The airport "Tambov" is located 10 km away from the regional centre in the village Donskoe. There are year-round regular flights from the airport “Tambov” to Moscow, 4-days-a-week flights to St.Petersburg, and in summer –flights to Sochi and Simferopol (2 times a week).


The Tambov region has a significant scientific potential, necessary conditions and resources for the development of scientific, technical and innovative activities. Research and development are carried out in 29 organizations, including 4 higher education institutions, 3 branches of universities, 6 scientific organizations, industrial and agricultural enterprises of the region. Commercialization of the results of intellectual activity is carried out in 32 small innovative enterprises created on the basis of universities.

Close cooperation with the leading scientific funds, fundamental and applied research, demanded by the real sector of the economy, the formation of the appropriate innovation infrastructure is provided in the region. Due to the peculiarities of the region's development, scientific support is the necessary component of the activities of key industries – agricultural and industrial production spheres. Industry departments, major manufacturers work out development strategies in close connection with the leading universities and research organizations.

Special place in the scientific field is given to the city of Michurinsk, the only in Russia Agricultural Science City, which has a unique history and brand of the world-famous innovative center of horticulture and genetics. 5 leading scientific schools work on the basis of Michurinsk- Science City: "Genetics, selection, variety study", "Mechanization of horticulture and vegetable growing", "Complex pre-harvest and post-harvest technologies to improve the quality of fruits, berries and vegetables", "Design of functional food products", "Economics and marketing in the agro-industrial complex". Scientists of the Science City provide scientific support to industrial enterprises from 78 regions of the Russian Federation.

Michurinsk state agrarian University is the scientific and educational core of the Michurinsk-Science City that solves the problems of staffing, innovative development of agro-industrial, engineering, environmental segments of the regional economy.

In the structure of the University there are 4 institutes, applied qualifications college, pre-University training institute, continuing education institute. Over 8,000 students study in the University every year. Training is conducted on the basis of 27 departments in 15 enlarged groups of specialties. 22 specialty programs, 26 directions of bachelor's degree, 16 directions of master's degree, 14 specialties of secondary professional education, 9 directions of training of scientific and pedagogical personnel in postgraduate study are realized. The University has 12 scientific schools, development of researchers covers 9 branches of science. Successful research work is being carried out in priority scientific areas: "Development of food technologies for functional and therapeutic and preventive purposes" and "Sustainable development of rural areas".          

No less important center, accumulating scientific and innovative activities in the field of agriculture, is the Federal scientific center named after I.Michurin (FSC). High intellectual potential of the FSC in almost all areas of horticultural and field science and close connection with the real sector of production makes it possible to develop and implement a large-scale strategy for solving global state challenges in the agricultural sector.

Number of employees of FSC is over 350 people, about 200 of which are highly qualified researchers, including 65 candidates, 15 Doctors of Sciences and 1 academician of the Russian Academy of Science (RAS). At the disposal of scientists there are laboratory complexes equipped with more than 2000 units of scientific equipment, unique international level collection of varieties of garden and field crops, gene pool of unique donors, experimental planting of fruit, berry, flower and field crops. The land fund for scientific research is over 7,500 hectares.

Strategic goal of FSC named after I.Michurin is creating scientifically grounded complex system of managing productivity of plantings and quality of gardening and field-growing production at such stages as varieties creation, production, storage, healthy products designing and bringing to the consumer, aimed at solving problems of import substitution and healthy food improvement.

Comprehensive research program of FSC includes 9 main directions: geo-information systems, molecular genetics, DNA technologies, agro-landscape modeling, automation and robotization of production processes, technologies of functional food products production, etc. Within each activity the complex of over 60 interdepartmental, interdisciplinary projects is formed.

The Tambov state University named after G.Derzhavin is the only classical University in the region. The main directions of educational and scientific activities in the University are the priorities of socio-economic development: pedagogical (formation of a new generation, development of social and professional success), medical (improving the quality of life through development of health-saving technologies), natural science, physical and mathematical (active implementation of innovations and innovative technologies), legal (creating modernized legal mechanisms of regional management, developing legal culture and relations), economic (supporting the processes of transition to a new stage of society development, reindustrialization of the region), socio-cultural, historical and philological (positioning of the region in the cultural space and preservation of historical and cultural heritage).

The structure of the University includes 7 institutes and 3 faculties in various fields of training. In 2018 the military department began its work. Training is conducted in 30 integrated areas. 6 programs of secondary general education are implemented; 5 secondary vocational education programs; 80 bachelor degree programs; 9 specialty programs; 76 magistracy programs; 59 directions of training highly qualified personnel, including 45 postgraduate study directions and 14 internship specialties. Over one third of all students in the region study at the University – about 13,000 students, more than 800 postgraduates – 60% of postgraduates of the region, almost 90% of the teaching staff have academic degrees and scientific titles, every fifth – Doctor of Science, Professor. In this respect the University is among the top ten universities in Russia.

The University is one of 39 universities of the Russian Federation that implement the priority project "Export potential development of the Russian education system". The project is aimed at increasing the attractiveness and competitiveness of Russian education in the international market.

Research activities are actively developing. The University successfully operates 4 research institutes, more than 40 scientific schools and areas that reflect almost the entire range of knowledge areas of a classical University. Over the past 5 years, the research teams of the University have completed over 1,500 research projects, the total funding of which amounted to over 620 million rubles, including the state task in the sphere of scientific activity by the Ministry of education and science of Russia, projects of Federal target programs, grants of funds of RSF, RFFR, President of RF, contractual research and so on.

The Tambov state technical University (TSTU) is a multi-level educational and scientific complex, in which the structure of activities and development guidelines correspond to programs that are important for the state, socio-economic and scientific-technical development of the region.

TSTU infrastructure today in represented by 8 educational and research institutes, 4 faculties, 2 University colleges (technical and multi-profile), polytechnic lyceum for gifted children. On the basis of the University there are 8 specialized integrated scientific and educational centers established jointly with the institutes of RAS, 4 specialized innovation centers, Business incubator of young scientists, graduate students and students of "Innovatika", technology transfer center, 13 small innovative enterprises organized with the participation of the University, 4 basic departments in the Research Institute and high-tech enterprises of the region, 9 specialized councils for candidate and doctoral theses protection, 4 scientific and practical journals have been  published.

The University has about 10 thousand students, over 200 educational programs for training middle managers, bachelors, specialists, masters, postgraduates and doctoral students. The University gave training to more than 50 000 highly qualified specialists, more than 500 doctors and candidates of Science.

Among the University staff there are 2 academicians of the Russian Academy of Sciences, over 100 Doctors of Science and professors, 7 honored workers of science and technology, 14 laureates of the state prize and the Prize of the Russian Government in the field of education, science and technology. Under the supervision of leading scientists 14 academic schools exist at the University. Training highly qualified personnel (candidates and doctors of Science) in TSTU is conducted in 24 areas (34 profiles), 15 of which are included in the list of specialties of scientists corresponding to the priority areas of science, techniques and technology of Russia. The number of doctoral students, postgraduates and applicants for academic degrees is about 200 people.

Engineering education belongs to the national strategic interest of the Russian Federation, the priority of socio-economic development of the region. In 2018 TSTU won an open competition to provide state support for projects to create and develop engineering centers on the basis of educational institutions of higher education subordinated to the Ministry of education and science of Russia. The engineering center "New materials and technologies for civil and dual-use" is being created in TSTU.

The region has accumulated considerable experience in the formation of large scientific, industrial and educational structures. There is a Eurasian technological platform "Technologies of food and processing industry of agriculture-healthy food products", created on the region’s initiative. It currently includes 14 all-Russian unions and associations, over 150 enterprises, 20 research institutes and 19 universities.  Such mechanism of relations between education, science, state and business as public-private partnership is actively implemented.

An important event in the field of science is the Russian Gardeners ' Day, held annually in the city of Michurinsk at the support of the Government of the Russian Federation, State Duma of the Russian Federation, Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, Ministry of agriculture, Ministry of education and science,  Ministry of health of the Russian Federation, Rospotrebnadzor, Russian Academy of Sciences, Federal Agency of scientific organizations, "FRC of food and biotechnology". During the Gardener’s Day a set of scientific activities on the most relevant topics of development of agriculture, agricultural exhibition and fair are traditionally organized, which demonstrates the advanced achievements of the world level in the field of fruit crops selection, intensive and resource-saving technological systems of horticulture, integrated systems of plant productivity and quality of fruit, mechanization and robotization of labor-intensive processes, plants protection and nutrition, as well as the design of a new generation of functional and specialized products based on fruit and vegetable raw materials.

The regional science Festival is held annually in the Tambov region, under the auspices of the all-Russian science Festival NAUKA 0+. The purpose of the Festival is popularization of scientific activity, promoting initiative scientific projects, developing youth innovative creativity, presentation of new technologies.

The Council of young scientists and specialists of the Tambov region works effectively, a number of initiative projects are implemented, including the foresight project "scientific and technical policy of the Tambov region and quality of life". Its goal is to find innovative priorities for economic development. Over 200 young scientists participate actively in the implementation of the project, being effective innovations translators capable of implementing the selected priorities in the projected 10-20 years.


Michurinsk – the-only-agricultural-science-city-in-Russia, plays an important role in the innovative development of the region. It aims at conducting fundamental and applied research in genetics, selection, biotechnologies, physiology, biochemistry, fruit, berries and vegetable ecology, developing innovative infrastructure, effective and environmental-friendly production technologies, technologies for long-term storage, transportation and new food productions, training highly qualified personnel.

There is the Federal scientific center named after I.Michurin. It unites the research abilities of 3 relevant research institutes subordinated to the Federal Agency of the scientific organizations.

The Michurinsk state agrarian University is the coordinator of the national technological platform "Technologies of food and processing industry in agriculture – healthy food products", which allows to develop its innovative component in the area of "fruit, vegetable, functional and healthy food products".

In 2019 the project on creation of the innovative scientific-technological centre "Michurinsk valley" continued. In 2018 the collective centre “Digital Engineering” was created on the basis of Tambov State Technical University. The centre is equipped with modern machine tools, welding and engineering facilities.

The main task of the centre is training highly qualified personnel for engineering sector,  re-education and advanced professionals training.  It enables to learn up-to-date technologies in engineering, metalwork and digital design, to conduct research and development works.


The project of the innovative scientific-technological centre "Michurinsk valley" (ISTC "Michurinsk valley") was created in 2017 by the initiative of the Michurinsk State Agrarian University.

The most important task of “Michurinsk valley” will be development of new critical production technologies and breakthrough technical solutions based on the results of fundamental and applied scientific research. The project will help to implement the ideas of the national technology initiative, Industry 4.0 and ensure fulfillment by the year 2035 of the Russian President Vladimir Putin’s instructions on establishing a set of new technologies and creating conditions for Russia's global technological leadership.

At least 40 startups and spin-off companies that promote and diversify the most effective and significant technologies will participate in the project, including residents of the agrotechnopark.

More than 2,000 new high-tech and high-performance jobs will be created.

Production of great amount of high technology products will create new market sectors, intensify competitive ability of regional agricultural productions at foreign and domestic markets, encourage the growth in the regional economy.

The project is going to be implemented in 2020 - 2025.


Implementation of the investment policy in the region is aimed at creating comfortable conditions for business, attracting investments, as well as increasing investors' confidence of the government. The region has created the necessary regulatory framework in the field of investment activities and a system of measures to support investors aimed at stimulating investment activity in priority sectors of the regional economy. It guarantees transparency of all procedures, ensuring equal rights to investors and provides various organizational and financial types of state support*:

  • tax benefits;
  • special investment contracts;
  • sites for constructing enterprises (industrial parks);
  • greenfield and brownfield investment sites;
  • leading of engineering communications to the object borders;
  • territory of advanced socio-economic development;
  • investment portal of the Tambov region (http://tambov.investments) .

The authorities, together with the business community, continue their work to improve business environment.

A set of tools for providing consulting services using modern means of information exchange in real time has been created. There is a mechanism that provides work with the investor on "one window" principle. The investment portal provides an opportunity for the investor to address the management of the subject of the Russian Federation with the regulated terms of receiving feedback.

* State support measures are presented within the framework of regional and Federal legislation.


There are several effective mechanisms of SME support in the Tambov region:

1) Business support Center – a structural unit of the Autonomous non-profit organization “Regional center of management and culture”;

2) Tambov innovative business incubator - a structural subdivision of the Autonomous non-profit organization “Regional center of management and culture”;

3) Center of innovations in the social sphere – a structural division of the Autonomous non-profit organization “Regional center of management and culture”;

4) Cluster development center - a structural unit of the Autonomous non-profit organization "Business coordination support Center of the Tambov region";

5) Engineering Center - a structural unit of the Autonomous non-profit organization "Business coordination support Center of the Tambov region";

6) Coordination center for export-oriented small and medium - sized businesses support - a structural unit of the Autonomous non-profit organization "Business coordination support Center of the Tambov region";

7) Regional guarantee organization – joint-stock company microcredit company “Fund for assistance in lending to small and medium-sized businesses of the Tambov region”;

8) Microfinance fund - joint-stock company microcredit company “Fund for assistance in lending to small and medium-sized businesses of the Tambov region”;

9) Tambov regional state budgetary institution "Regional information and consulting center of agro-industrial complex";

10) Business space "Business Geometry";

11) Autonomous non-profit organization "Regional center for financial literacy".


1 place in the Environmental rating of Russian regions. For 7 years the Tambov region has been the absolute leader among the Russian regions in the Environmental rating by the rating agency “Green Patrol” that includes the effectiveness of regional environmental agencies.

The region has held positions in the top twenty leading regions in the National rating of the investment climate state in the Russian Federation subjects for five years. At the end of 2018, the Tambov region strengthened its position, moving from 16 places to 12 places.

According to the results of the rating of Russian regions on the level of development of the Public-Private Partnership in 2018-2019, the Tambov region entered the top ten, sharing 8-9 places with the Perm region. This is the third result after Moscow and the Moscow region in the Central Federal district and the best in the black-soil region.

The region was first assigned an ESG rating (ESG-Ecology, Social responsibility, Management) at the BBB[esg] level. This value positively characterizes the management of risks and opportunities associated with ESG. The highest rating among the key components is assigned to the rating of public administration in the region (AA).

According to the results of research by the RAEX rating Agency (Expert RA), the Tambov region is among the top ten Russian regions with the lowest level of investment risks;

In order to improve the investment climate in the region, the implementation of 12 target models for simplifying business procedures and increasing the investment attractiveness of Russian regions continued.

According to the state contract concluded in 2018 with the Analytical credit Rating Agency (joint-Stock company) for the provision of services for assignment (renewal) and maintenance of the credit rating of the Tambov region and issued government securities of the Tambov region, the credit rating of the region was confirmed in November 2019 at the level of BBB+(RU) with a positive Outlook, and the region's bonds-at the level of BBB+(RU).

According to the results of the annual rating of the quality of regulatory impact assessment in the Russian Federation regions, conducted by the Ministry of economic development of Russia, the Tambov region entered the “Top level” group.

According to the results of the XI National rating of procurement transparency, the region took the 5th place among the subjects of the Russian Federation and won the status of "Guaranteed transparency".

The region for the second time has got the status of "The region-leader in terms of cultural development. Top 10" by the Ministry of culture of Russia.  In the National ranking of event tourism the region is still in the "Golden League" of regions.

11 Tambov holidays have been included into the top 200 in the National calendar of events for 2019.


The region has formed a unique space of regulated tax and other measures of state support, which is constantly expanding with the involvement of new participants in the investment process and leads to the implementation of major investment projects. Currently, over 300 investment projects are being implemented in the region, being at different stages of completion.

In 2018 the main source of economic growth in the region was the investment in fixed assets. The creation of favorable conditions for the activation of import substitution and own production increase contributed to the high results in the agro-industrial complex. According to estimates in 2018, the volume of investments in fixed assets in the full range of organizations amounted to more than 116.8 billion rubles.

The priority areas of investment are: agriculture, food and processing industry using local raw materials, chemical production and production of other non-metallic mineral products, development of tourist and recreational potential.


The agro-industrial complex is the engine of the region's economy development and one of the priority areas. Agriculture is the leading sector of the economy of the agro-industrial complex.

The most intensive rate is the increase in the production of pig and poultry meat. In these areas export potential has been formed in the region, involving the production of products competitive in the international market.

In 2019 the investment project "Construction of the 3rd stage of pork-breeding complexes of the LLC "Tambov bacon" in Zherdevsky, Znamensky and Sampursky districts was implemented with a capacity of 65 thousand tons of meat per year.

The second stage of the investment project by the LLC "Tambov Turkey" on constructing a complex for the production and processing of poultry meat (turkey) in Pervomaisky district, with a capacity of 30 thousand tons of turkey meat per year is being implemented, its fulfillment is planned for the year 2021.

In January 2019 the  LLC “Tambov Osetr” opened the second stage of the fish-breeding complex with a capacity of 50 tons of sturgeon per year.

The Tambov region is an attractive investment platform for implementing projects on innovative technologies for growing vegetables in the closed ground. In December 2019 the 1st and 2nd stages by the JSC “Teplichnoye” on the year-round production of vegetables with the capacity of 950 tons vegetables per year were implemented.

The grain processing projects are being implemented in the region. Thus in 2019 the project by the JSC "ECOOIL" was implemented on the expansion of sunflower seeds processing production from 375 to 700 tons per day with the project capacity (tons per day): unrefined vegetable oil – 300, cake – 200, husk – 180.

The new line for the hearth bread production was launched by the JSC "Tambov bread factory" in August 2019 increasing its capacity from 50 to 68 tons of bread and bakery products per day. Hearth furnaces are used in the production.

Over 110 thousand people of economically active population of the Tambov region are engaged in agriculture.

The main wealth of the region is exclusively fertile black soil - the most fertile in Russia.

The land fund of the region includes more than 3.4 million hectares, its structure is dominated by agricultural land (79%), with about 87% share of black soil.

According to the assessment of 2019 the share of the region in the agricultural production in Russia is:

  • grains and legumes – 2,9%
  • sugar beet-9%
  • sunflower – 6,6%
  • meat of cattle and poultry for slaughter (live weight) – 4,5%
  • sugar – 7,8%
  • vegetable oils, unrefined – 2,7%
  • flour – 4,7%
  • meat – 4.6%

More than 110 thousand people of the economically active population of the Tambov region are employed in the agricultural sector.

The main wealth of the region is exceptionally fertile black earth soils - the most fertile in Russia.

The land Fund of the region includes more than 3.4 million hectares, its structure is dominated by agricultural land (79%), of which the share of chernozems accounts for about 87%.


Industry of the Tambov region is one of the leading sectors of the regional economy, and has a strong influence on the socio-economic situation.

Industrial production of the region provides:

  • over 16 % of gross regional product;
  • over 32% of tax and non-tax payments to the consolidated budget of the Russian Federation;
  • over 17 % of the employed in the regional economy.

The importance of industrial production in the region is largely determined by manufacturing.

The share of the Tambov region in the all-Russian production of certain types of industrial products:

  • 100 % organic pigments;
  • 100% organic dyes;
  • 100% optical bleach;
  • 27 % - phenol-formaldehyde resins;
  • 40 % - additives for gasoline;
  • 62% - means of individual respiratory organs protection of the isolating type;
  • 41 % - galvanic equipment;
  • 27 % - non-woven materials;
  • 11 % - heat-insulting materials.


One of the mechanisms of stimulating entrepreneurial and investment activity is the creation of territories of advanced socio-economic development (TASED). In December 2017 the government of the Russian Federation adopted Resolution No. 1607 dated 22.12.2017 "About creation of the territory of advanced socio-economic development "Kotovsk". On January 19th 2018 the Ministry of economic development of Russia, the regional administration and the administration of the city of Kotovsk signed an Agreement on the establishment of the territory of advanced socio-economic development "Kotovsk" on the territory of the municipality of Kotovsk of the Tambov region.

The residents of TASED are provided with tax benefits, reduced rates of insurance premiums, and when placing production in the territory of the industrial Park "Kotovsk" the investor is provided with engineering infrastructure.

With the implementation of all planned activities, the volume of investments made by TASED residents will amount to 10745.26 million rubles for the period of 10 years, 2237 jobs will be created.

By now, agreements have been signed on the implementation of activities on the territory of TASED "Kotovsk" with 8 residents, all organizations are included in the register of TASED residents of the Ministry of economic development of Russia, which gives them the right to use tax preferences. As a result of these investment projects, it is planned to create about 400 jobs and develop about 1.4 billion rubles of investments in fixed capital.


Industrial park “Kotovsk”

The Park is located 8 km south of the city of Tambov, in the city of Kotovsk. The area of the site is 142,035 hectares. The relief of the territory is calm, free, convenient for work organization. The site covers three land plots.

The investment site is located behind the settlement Noviy, on the right side of the road in the direction of "Kotovsk — Tambov". On the opposite side of the road the site is bordered by the river Tsna. On this border there are acting treatment facilities, currently used for the needs of the settlement Stroitel.

A number of agreements have already been concluded on conducting business with potential residents.

Industrial park “Uvarovo”

Located on the territory of an investment site with an area of 28.4 hectares. The main resident of the industrial Park "Uvarovo" is LLC "Ladesol-Tambov". It builds a large plant for deep processing of grain, which has no full-fledged analogues in the country. On 21.11.2019, the pilot installation of the plant's first production module was launched. On a small volume, the technology was debugged, which resulted in samples of products - a protein product intended for poultry, fish, and pigs.


Key activities of the industrial complex are chemical production, machinery and equipment production, radio equipment production, textile and leather production, food and processing industry, as well as aviation instrumentation. These industries are promising drivers of the region's economy.


Participants of foreign economic activity of the region are trading with partners from 70 countries. The mainly exported goods are food products and raw materials for their production, chemical products, machines and equipment, leather raw materials, fur and other products. The key export partners are Latvia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Austria, Uzbekistan, Finland, Azerbaijan, Germany.

The imported goods are metals and metal products, chemical products, machines and equipment, food products and raw materials for their production. The key import partners are Ukraine, China, Belarus, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands.


The retail trade turnover in January-November 2019 amounted to 190.6 billion rubles with the index of physical volume 99.9%. The increase in current prices amounted to 10.2 billion rubles.

The main part of retail trade turnover (91.4%) is formed by trading organizations and individual entrepreneurs operating in a stationary retail network. By the results of 9 months of 2019 retail chains formed 27.2% of the total retail turnover against 24,4 in 2018.

Positive dynamics of development of the consumer market is provided, first of all, due to high-rate development of network trade, opening of trade enterprises of various formats.

In 2019 1.1 billion rubles of private investments was attracted for the development of the material and technical base of consumer market enterprises. In 2019 about 300 retail outlets and about 100 catering establishments were opened.

In 2019 the first Lifestyle center "Studenets" was opened in Tambov with a total area of 8700 square meters on 5 levels. The lifestyle center includes: a new-generation farmers market "Studenetsky Bazaar" with an area of 1700 square meters selling natural products by more than 30 local producers (Perederiy, Bakoyan, Dvoryankov, Pishugin, Polshakov, Krupenin and others), 12 restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, 3500 square meters of retail space with a modern interior, a beauty salon and barbershop, unique creative spaces (ultramodern cinema "Studenet-cinema" for 166 visitors, dance hall, fitness center, foreign language school, event area, master classes), a modern adjacent park zone.

In 2019 28 representatives from the Tambov region took part in the annual competition "Trade of Russia 2019" held by the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation. The total number of Russian participants was 823.

The winners were:

- Kommunalnaya street (city of Tambov) in the nomination "the Best shopping street»;

- meat boutique "Our meat" (A.Paramzin, Tambov) in the nomination "the Best store»;

- shop "Meat" S.Letunovsky (Michurinsky district) in the nomenation "the Best store»;

- Burger shop "Not America" (S.Kolomnikova, LLC "STK FOOD", Tambov) in the nomination "the Best fast food object".

The award ceremony was held within the framework of the 5th International business and government forum "Russian Retail Week" (June 3-8 2019, Moscow, the World Trade Center).


The Tambov region government pays great attention to the development of fair trade. Retail fairs are one of the measures to restrain the growth of prices, increase local products sales at producer prices.

The Tambov region is:

- the 3rd among the black-soil regions and the 5th among the Central Federal District regions regarding the number of markets;

- the 2nd among the black-soil regions and the 4th among the Central Federal District regions regarding the number of trading places;

- the 1st among the black-soil regions and the 2nd among the Central Federal District regions regarding the number of fairs;

- the 2nd among the black-soil regions and the 3rd among the Central Federal District regions regarding the number of trading places.

There are more than 8 permanent fairs for 30 thousand residents of the region while the standard of the Ministry of industry and trade of Russia is 1 fair.

1193 fairs were held in the 9 months of 2019, the number of trading places was 53,1 thousand. Compared to the 9 months of 2018 the number of fairs increased by 82 (7,4%) and the number of trading places increased by 2,9 thousand (5,8%).

In addition to regular fairs one-time and thematic fairs are organized in all municipalities. In 2019 the 9th International Pokrov Fair was held in the city of Tambov. 548 participants from 49 Russian regions, 32 participants from 5 foreign countries, 927 participants from the Tambov region took part in the fair. The turnover of the fair was 137.5 mln.roubles.

At present 2 retail agricultural markets are being constructed – “Sytny Bazaar” in Tambov and in Znamenka settlement. The markets are expected to start their work in 2020.


In recent years retail outlets of HoReCa category in the Tambov region are rapidly gaining weight, as the number of restaurants, bars, clubs and hotels is constantly increasing. Along with this business accompanying HoReCa is growing and improving namely the firms specializing in catering and supply of special equipment, decorative products, textiles, lighting, and other exclusive products for bars, restaurants, hotels appear.

One of the latest events in this sector was opening of the modern hotel "PLES" and "NERS’ manor".

The park-hotel "PLES" is located in a picturesque area of the city, where due to the high-level service, infrastructure and fabulous nature every guest any time of the year will find entertainment he likes. It includes a park hotel, restaurant, ballroom, with high-speed Internet, parking for transport. The undoubted advantage of the complex is a beautiful natural landscape.

The restaurant-hotel "NERS’ Manor" is located in a beautiful place of the Tambov region, near the village Bolshaya Lipovitsa. The restaurant has an atmosphere of a luxurious country estate with natural scenery and clean air. The restaurant-hotel includes a spacious banquet hall for 200 people, a conference hall for 24 guests, a cozy evening hall, luxurious hotel rooms and a billiard room.

In November 2019 the first international fastfood restaurant KFC was opened in Tambov. Another KFC restaurant is planned to open in 2020.


Sport infrastructure of the Tambov city and the region also deserves attention.

Within the framework of the state program of the Tambov region "Development of physical culture and sports" for 2014-2020 and municipal programs in the field of physical culture and sports, a set of measures aimed at strengthening the health of the population, creating conditions and forming motivation for a healthy lifestyle, promoting a healthy lifestyle of the population, purposeful involvement of the population and students of the region in physical culture and sports, development of various sports, including adaptive ones is provided. Currently, more than 42% of the total population of the region is systematically engaged in physical culture and sports. In the field of physical culture and sports, there are 2,200 employees that make 83.3% of the regulatory needs.

More than 70 sports are developing in the Tambov region. Traditionally, the most popular are: football-25820 people, volleyball-17324 people, martial arts (judo, Greco-Roman wrestling, freestyle wrestling, karate, boxing, etc.) – more than 20,000 people, basketball – 15478 people, athletics – 16021 people, ski racing – 14879 people, table tennis – 9241 people, swimming – 6780 people and others.

Annually together with regional sports federations and sports societies more than 220 regional sports and sports events are organized, municipalities of the region carry out over 1500 sports competitions and tournaments in various sports, including soccer, volleyball, track and field athletics, Greco-Roman wrestling, judo and other sports. More than 230 participations at all-Russian competitions and more than 65 training events are organized for athletes of the region.

Traditional regional sports and mass competitions are: Spartakiada among city districts and municipal districts of the region, regional summer rural sports games, Spartakiada among students in professional educational organizations of the region for the XXIV regional games, various tournaments in football, beach volleyball, Greco-Roman wrestling, judo, boxing, chess, swimming. In 2018 1400 people took part in the Spartakiada among the cities and districts of the region in six sports and 800 people participated in the regional summer rural sports games.

Realizing the importance of population involvement in systematic physical culture and sports (including children) the regional department of physical training and sport organizes and conducts a number of all-Russian mass competitions "Ski Track of Russia" – 4000 participants "Russian Azimuth" – 500 participants, "Cross of Nations" – 2000 participants, "Orange Ball" – 500 participants, "All-Russia day of Sambo" – 100 participants, "Regional day of health and sports" – 4,000 participants.

Taking into account the increased demands of the region’s population to the quality of conditions for physical education and sports, much attention is paid to the construction of new modern sports facilities in the region. In 2018 the number of planar sports facilities available for different categories and groups of the population in the region was increased by 30 units. The network of sports facilities can accommodate over 97,000 people at a time. In 2017-2018 5 major sports facilities were built and put into operation: indoor football arena in Tambov, indoor swimming pool in Michurinsk, universal stadium in Inzhavinsky district, football fields with artificial ground in Morshansk, and Znamenka settlement. The construction of the largest sports facility in the Tambov region and the Central Federal district of the sports and training center "Tambov" has been completed, as well as the I and II stages of reconstruction of the stadium "Spartak" in Tambov-"Reconstruction of the stadium lighting system" and "Reconstruction of the football field and service engineering networks".


The Tambov region has many promising opportunities for the development of various types of tourism due to the unique historical and cultural values and natural attractions of the region.

The most popular types of tourism in the region are cultural, educational and event tourism.

The history of the Tambov region is connected with such outstanding people as pianist and composer Sergei Rachmaninoff, scientist Ivan Michurin, artist Aleksander Gerasimov, politician and diplomat Grigoriy Chicherin, scientist Vladimir Vernadsky.

The most popular sites of the Tambov region are museums (regional, municipal, private) and objects of religious tourism (there are about 250 Orthodox churches in the region), which can be interesting  to a wide range of people (regardless of gender, age, social status and family status).

Event tourism, which is the most dynamically developing type of tourism in the Tambov region, is becoming more important. Various events of international, national and regional types are held in the Tambov region. The number of events increases, new unique festivals with peculiar features appears.

In 2019 a number of new festivals was held for the first time: gastronomic festivals "Mordovskaya porridge" (Mordovian district) and “Pichaevo pumpkin” (Pichaevsky district); festival "Tobogganing in Lisogorsk" (Tambov district); festival “Russian Spas” (Umetsky district).

Some small local holidays have become more large-scale and attractive for tourists: Literature and Music festival named after S.Sergeev-Tsensky (Rasskazovsky district), holiday “Autumn gifts of the Russian Estate”, etc.

In the National ranking for the Development of Event Tourism the Tambov region is in the Golden League of regions.

Every year more and more participants and guests take part in Tambov region festivals and events: 2016 – 177 thousand people; 2017 – 210 thousand people; 2018 – 404 thousand people, 2019 - 470 thousand people (preliminary data).

 There is a regional “Calendar of events of the Tambov region" which is published every year, on the tourist portal of the region as well (http://turtmb.ru/). At present the “Calendar of events of the Tambov region" for the year 2020 has been formed, which includes: 41 events of the Tambov region (holidays and festivals). The International Pokrov Fair in Tambov has been included into the “Top-200 Best events of 2020” and got the status “National event-2020”.

Travel companies of the Tambov region, as well as travel companies of Moscow and neighboring regions have included event festivals in tourist products, tourist routes and excursions.

Currently, there are 8 travel companies in the territory of the Tambov region, included in the Unified Federal register of travel companies, which official websites contain information about various programs, routes and projects of the Tambov region.

16 collective accommodations have been classified, 4 of which received the category of "4 stars", 9 – “3 stars”, 3 - "2 stars".

In spring 2019 the information and exhibition center of PJSC "Pigment" was officially opened within the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the company, which is a unique interactive complex dedicated to the history and modernity of one of the leading chemical enterprises in Russia, PJSC "Pigment". The information and exhibition center of PJSC "Pigment" can be attributed to one of the positive practices of industrial tourism development in the region. This object in 2019 was presented at the Interregional tourism conference in Voronezh and the international tourism exhibition "Inturmarket".

The tourist potential of the region, including objects and subjects of the tourist industry, is presented on the tourist portal of the Tambov region (http://turtmb.ru/), which meets modern requirements and is aimed at an independent traveler; information is constantly updated, supplemented, translated into English.

With the route "Russian estates at the turn of the century" Tambov region is one of the participants of the global cultural and educational Federal project "Russian Estates". 

Representatives of the Tambov region took part in various competitions in 2019 and received significant awards:

The first international marketing competition in the field of tourism "Pro-Brand "(Grand Prix "Rasskazovo-knitting capital" (nomination "branding of the territory"); 1st place "Nevalyashka (roly-poly doll) -a symbol of my city" (nomination "Branded souvenir products"); 2nd place "festival" Lilac night in Ivanovka" (nomination "video Branding of the event”);

All-Russian tourist award "The route of the year" 2019 (Grand Prix "Chemistry-region of miracles", PJSC " Pigment "(nomination "Best route to the current production”);

All-Russian competition "Tourist souvenir" 2019 (Grand Prix-CatAsey, "Historical and cultural Museum complex "Aseevs" Estate" (VIP price category, "Museum Souvenir" nomination”);

National award in the field of event tourism Russian Event Awards 2019 (3rd place - "Tobogganing in Lysogorsk" festival (nomination "Best tourist event in the field of agriculture and agrotourism"); 3rd place - open Summer gastronomic festival "Vishnevarovo" (nomination "Best event in the field of gastronomic tourism").

In 2019 the co-organizer of the traditional games "Atmanovo fists" Mikhail Semenov was awarded the prestigious award "for saving the people" (the highest award of the all-Russian public movement "for saving the people").


The region has formed a system of festival movement for different age groups. Among the most significant events of the region there are:

International music festival named after Sergei Rachmaninoff;

International Brass Band Festival named after V.Agapkin and I.Shatrov;

Choral Music Festival “Songs over the Tsna River”;

Theatre festival named after N.Rybakov;

Festival "Lilac Night in Ivanovka";

Rock music festival “Chernozem”.

Within the national project :Culture” in 2019 in the Tambov region:

virtual concert halls were established on the basis of “Tambov Theatre” and “Michurinsk Drama Theatre” aimed at formation of a single cultural and musical space and expanding the audience, as well as bringing academic music art to a new communicative level. These virtual halls allow disabled people get closer to classical music. The concerts will be broadcast twice a month according to the schedule;

10 events held in the Tambov region in 2019 were broadcast in real time on social media sites and " Culture RF”;

a cultural and leisure center was built in Gavrilovsky district;

model libraries were created – 1 in Zherdevsky and 2 in Rasskazovsky districts;

3 cinema halls were re-equipped on the basis of municipal institutions located in the Tambov region ("Sosnovsky regional House of culture", “Culture and leisure centre "Youth" in Stroitel settlement, "Central House of Culture" in Pervomaisky district);

multimedia guides were created on the “Artifact” platform in two state museums of the region (the Tambov regional museum of local lore; the Tambov regional art gallery);

101 cultural workers took advanced training courses;

164 volunteers participated in cultural events held in the Tambov region, in works on preserving cultural heritage objects and improving territories, in an archaeological expedition (the program "Volunteers of culture").


Tambov Land carefully keeps and revives  intangible cultural heritage: traditions and customs, ceremonies and rituals, folk art and festivals.

For this purpose, a number of events is held:

- folk art festival “Winter will not spoil fun” (January, Tambov);

- winter toboggan festival “Tobogganing in Lysogorsk” (in the village Lysiye Gori, Tambov District);

- Great Maslenitsa Festival (pancake week);

- regional arts exhibition “Craft palette” (April-May, Tambov);

- Gastronomic Festival “Mordovskaya porridge” (Mordovo, Mordovskiy District)

- holiday “Gomzyakovskaya Daisy” (Dmitrievka, Nikiforovskiy District)

- cherry harvest festival “Vishnevarovo” (Yvarovo town). This festival is in Top 200 best tourist events of 2019;

- interregional trade and craft fair “Merry-go-round in Bondari” (Bondari village, Bondarskiy District)

- Interregional Choral Music Festival “Songs over the Tsna River” (Tambov city);

- festival of Russian Sarafan Dress (Izosimovo village, Michuriskiy District). The festival is in Top 200 best tourist events of 2019;

- festival “Russian Spas” (devoted to the religious holidays Saviour of the Honey, Nut and Apple Feast) in Umet village.

- Fruit Festival in Dubovoye village (Petrovsky District);

- Ethnosport Fisticuffs Challenge “Atmanov fists” (Atmanov Ugol village, Sosnovskiy District). The festival is in Top 200 best tourist events of 2019. In 2018 it was awarded with Russian Event Award in the nomination “Best Ethno-Cultural Tourist Event”.

- Autumn holiday “Autumn Gifts of Russian Estate” (Staraya Olshanka village, Uvarovskiy District). The holiday is in Top 200 best tourist events of 2019;

- International Pokrov Fair (October, Tambov).

In November 2019 the all-Russian festival-competition of songs and rhymes performers “Tambov Canary" was held dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Chernyanoye folk choir named after Maria Mordasova, founded to preserve and promote local musical and poetic folklore in Chernaynoye village (Tambov district) and the 7th Regional folk holidays and rites contest "Russia, Russia! Save yourself!" took place.

There are different folk and ethnic exhibitions in state and local museums.

The art of old ceramic craft Fedorovskaya Toy has become an academic discipline of the ceramic department of the art schools “Children Art School for Sculpture and Ornamental Art named after Polenov” and “Children Art School” in Zherdevka.