10 December 201915:37

A series of Russophobic publications about Kaliningrad in Western media

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We took note of a number of publications in Western media, which force "serious" concerns on their readers regarding the security threat to NATO member countries allegedly coming from the Russian city of Kaliningrad, which is allegedly filled with most advanced weapons.

As is customary, Western media are trying to instil the image of the “Russian aggressor” among its audiences. A number of publications cite General Jeffrey Harrigian, Commander of the US Air Forces in Europe, saying that the Pentagon has a plan to break through the multi-layer air defence of the Kaliningrad Region in the event of Russia’s invasion of the Baltic states. However, the fact that improving military capabilities in the exclave is dictated solely by considerations of defence and maintaining the balance of forces is hushed up.

Whipping up the notion about the mythical “threat from the East” serves as an excuse for increasing NATO countries’ military budgets, as well as for the United States’ speedy deployment of armaments and troops in Europe, including in the immediate vicinity of the Russian border. Washington and other NATO countries are simultaneously using destabilising moves and offensive rhetoric in order to shift the blame for their irresponsible actions to Moscow.

Russia has repeatedly expressed concern about the continued buildup of NATO’s military infrastructure, including strategic infrastructure, and its proximity to our border. In particular, the deployment in Europe of the US Aegis Ashore systems, which can be used to launch defence missiles and medium-range cruise missiles or other attack weapons, causes serious concern. Despite the destructive US policy on the INF Treaty and the deliberate scrapping by Washington with the support of its allies of this crucial international treaty, Russia’s actions in developing, producing and deploying medium and shorter-range ground-based missiles will be solely reciprocal. Russia will not deploy them in the regions until such US-made weapons are deployed there. This approach is equally true of the Kaliningrad Region.

Once again, we are drawing the attention of the Western media to the fact that anti-Russian propaganda undermines European security and stability. Such fake news is most likely aimed at manipulating public opinion in order to push through the expansionist interests of the US defence industry in Europe.








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