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Passport of the Lipetsk region

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Date of foundation – 1954

Territory – 24 thousand sq. km

Population (as of  January 1, 2020) – 1.14 million

Population density – 47.4 people per sq. km

Administrative center – Lipetsk

Distance from Lipetsk to Moscow – 508 km


Geographical location and landscape

Lipetsk region is located in the upper reaches of the River Don within the Central Russian Upland in the west and the Oksko-Don plain in the east. It borders with Voronezh, Kursk, Oryol, Ryazan, Tambov and Tula regions of Russia.

Lipetsk region is located in the forest-steppe zone. Soils – black earth.


Natural resource potential

The area of ​​land exceeds 2.4 million hectares, more than 85% of which are black earth.

Mineral resources are represented by 271 deposits: limestone, dolomites, sand, clay, cement raw materials. The region ranks first in Russia in terms of carbonate reserves. Peat deposits are significant.

At present, on the territory of Lipetsk region there are 166 specially protected natural areas (hereinafter SPNA) of regional significance, including 145 nature monuments and 21 reserves. The total area of all SPNA is 157674,22 hectares.

Forest resources are represented by plantations of common pine and mixed oak-pine forests, birch forests, aspen and black alder forests. Forest cover of the territory does not exceed 10%.

The unique natural complexes “Galichya Gora” with the “Vorgolskoye” tract, the Voronezh Biosphere Reserve, partially located in Lipetsk Region, have been preserved in the region. “Meshcherskaya forest-steppe experimental breeding station (Stanovlyansky district), established in 1924, is the only breeding station in Europe. The recreational resources of the region are extremely diverse and promising for the organization of leisure and tourism. Business skillfully uses natural beauties and at present we see increased interest in such objects as the archaeological park “Argamach” in the Yelets district, the nature park “Oleniy” in the Krasninsky district, and the natural wonderland park “Kudykina Gora” in the Zadonsky district.

The Lipetsk mineral springs and therapeutic muds discovered in 1871 are very famous. Lipetsk resort has been operating since 1805. Mineral springs of Lipetsk were discovered back in the time of Peter I. At present, 13 mineral wells operate with a total water withdrawal of more than 1,500 cubic meters per day.


Administrative division

The region is included in the Central Federal District of the Russian Federation. It includes 2 urban districts (Lipetsk, Yelets), 18 municipal districts, 6 urban and 286 rural settlements.

The administrative center is Lipetsk with a population of 508.6 thousand people. The proportion of the urban population of the region is 64.6%, of the rural - 35.4%.


Labor resources

The share of the active population employed in the economy of the region – 85,0% (of the total labor force).


Economic development

The basis of the region’s economic potential is industrial production (metallurgy, mechanical engineering and food industries, electric power industry). In 2020 (estimated) it accounted for 39% of the gross product and 25,1% of the total number of employees.

The average monthly per capita income in January-September 2020 is 30,4 thousand rubles.


International relations

The region has extensive trade, economic, scientific and cultural international relations.

The foreign trade turnover of the Lipetsk region for 9 months of 2020 amounted to $ 3 353,9 million.

Foreign trade surplus: $ 1663,7 million.

The share of export in foreign trade is 75%, import – 25%.

Trade relations are being maintained with 111 countries of the near and far abroad.

The leading partners of Lipetsk region in foreign trade are Turkey – 21,8%, Mexico – 16,1%, Belgium – 13,4%, China – 6,2%, Belarus – 4,4%, Germany – 3,9%. Denmark – 3,8%, USA – 3,2%, Italy – 2,3%, Netherlands – 2,3%.  Countries of the far abroad account for 89% of export, and CIS countries – 11%.

Exports totaled $ 2508,8 million. The Lipetsk region takes the 3rd place among the regions of the Central Federal District (after Moscow and Moscow region) in terms of export, and the 21th among the regions of the Russian Federation (in 2019– 24th place). The share of non-primary non-energy goods in the total export of the region is 99.50%.

In the export structure of Lipetsk region the share of ferrous metal products is 78,7%, agricultural products – 16,4%, engineering products – 3,3%, fuel and energy products – 0.5%. The export of agricultural products increased by 38%. Exports of products from ferrous metals decreased by 21%.

The main countries to which Lipetsk products were exported: Turkey – 28,6%, Mexico – 21,4%, Belgium – 17,1%, Denmark – 4,9%, Belarus – 3,8%, USA – 3,8%.

Import volume amounted to $ 845,1 million.

In the structure of imports of Lipetsk region the share of engineering products is 44,4%, metal products – 19,1%, chemical products – 18,4%, agricultural products – 10%.

The main countries from which products were imported to the Lipetsk region: China – 19,4%, Germany – 14,3%, Italy – 8,3%, Netherlands – 6,3%, Belarus – 6,1%, Poland – 5%.


Transport infrastructure

The region has a developed transport infrastructure. There are federal highways (M-4 Don and R-22 Caspian). The length of roads is 16.1 thousand km. The territory is crossed by three railway lines connecting Moscow with the industrial centers of the south and west of Russia, as well as the Volga region. The largest hub stations are Yelets and Gryazi. The total length of the railway network is 757 km. A passenger airport with international status operates in Lipetsk.


Communication and information technology


79 media are registered in Lipetsk region. The structure of the regional media market is as follows: 38 newspapers, 8 magazines, 24 radio channels, 7 television channels, 1 newsletter, 1 regional news agency. In addition, there are online publications that mainly write about events taking place in the Lipetsk region.

The largest mass media in the region are RBI “TRK “Lipetskoye Vremya”, a branch of FGUP VGTRK “GTRK “Lipetsk”, LLC “TRK Elets”, MBU “Eletskaya Television and Radiobroadcast company”, print media “Lipetskaya Gazeta”, “Lipetskiy Izvestia”, web-sites www.lipetskmedia.ru, Gorod48.ru.



A set of measures is being implemented in the region aimed at the development of the construction complex, the provision of state support to citizens in the acquisition and construction of housing, including for large families, providing residential areas with objects of social, transport and engineering infrastructure. Individual housing in municipalities and urban settlements of the Lipetsk region occupies the largest share in comparison with the apartment buildings.

In 2020 the commissioning of housing per capita in the region amounted to 1.05 sq.m./person, which allows the Lipetsk region to be one of the top regions among the subjects of the Russian Federation.


One of the main objectives of the development of the Lipetsk region is to increase the investment attractiveness of the region in order to attract investors.

In 2020 the volume of investments in fixed assets on the full range of enterprises is estimated to amount to 154 billion rubles. Investments per capita in the region amounted to 135.2 thousand rubles. Lebedyan, Usman, Gryazy districts and the city of Lipetsk became the leaders in attracting investments in fixed assets per capita among municipalities.

The key points of business activity in the region are the elements of a multi-level system for attracting investments, consisting of the special economic zone of federal significance “Lipetsk”, special economic zones of the regional level, industrial parks, industrial production clusters.

SEZ IPT “Lipetsk” is the leader of Russian special economic zones in terms of creating high-tech modern infrastructure. SEZ “Lipetsk” was included in the rating of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia for investment attractiveness of special economic zones of Russia and occupies a leading position in Russia in terms of the number of residents attracted and the volume of investments. Currently, the number of residents is 67 companies from 16 countries of the world with declared investments of 180 billion rubles.

At present, 28 residents operate, and the rest of the companies are carrying out preparing activities.

The success of SEZ “Lipetsk” is confirmed by regular winning the rankings of the Financial Times.

The attractiveness of the investment image of Lipetsk region is confirmed by rating agencies. On 11 December 2020 the international agency Fitch Ratings confirmed the investment attractiveness of Lipetsk region. Experts rated the region “BB +”, the rating outlook is “Stable”.

On 5 November 2020, the Analytical Credit Rating Agency (ACRA) upgraded the credit rating of the Lipetsk Region to AA(RU) with a stable outlook, and the bond rating – AA(RU).

The Lipetsk region maintains a leadership among the subjects of the Russian Federation in the rating of investment activity in the business magazine “Invest-Foresight” entering the Top-10 leaders. The experts form the rating on the basis of the reports about investment projects which are launched and implemented in Russian regions. In 2020 the Lipetsk region became a leader in the rating of “Invest-Foresight” 5 times.  

According to the independent rating agency RAExpert, the Lipetsk region is in the top three leaders among the regions of the Russian Federation, showing a minimum investment risk for almost 15 years. In 2020 the region has confirmed its positions.

In 2020 the Lipetsk region entered the Top-3 regions of Russia according to the ESG-rating aimed at assessing environmental, social and management risks and placed the 1st line in terms of environmental factor. It is very important primarily for working with foreign investors who carefully monitor the environmental and social responsibilities of their counterparties.

In the Lipetsk region, state support is provided for investors in the form of tax incentives, subsidizing interest rates on loans, state guarantees, investment tax credit, investment tax deduction, collateral fund facilities, i.e. all conditions are created – legal and economic – for investment and successful business.

In order to effectively inform potential investors about the investment opportunities available in the region, the investment website of the Lipetsk region operates: investinlipetsk.ru.



The scientific potential of Lipetsk region is represented by 13 scientific organizations and 11 educational organizations of higher education, including 3 state universities (Lipetsk State Pedagogical University named after P.P. Semyonov-Tyan-Shansky, Lipetsk State Technical University, Elets State University named after I.A. Bunin), 8 branches.



Healthcare of Lipetsk region has a wide network of medical organizations and their structural units, ensuring the availability of primary health care throughout the region. There are 61 state medical organizations in the region in total, 38 organizations of which provide inpatient medical care.

In order to improve primary health care in Lipetsk region the work of 22 outpatient clinics, 67 general practitioners’ departments, 377 midwifery units and 160 houses providing first aid.



The organization of cultural education of the population of Lipetsk region employs 481 institutions of cultural and leisure type, 489 libraries, 27 museums, 4 professional theaters, 3 state concert organizations. 37 music, art schools and schools of art are continuously conducting their work where more than 16,4 thousand children are be educated which is 10% of the total number of children aged 5 to 18. The activity of 5150 club groups is intended to reveal the creative potential of each of the inhabitants of the region.

Among the most popular and visited cultural facilities are the Regional Museum of Local Lore, the Lipetsk Regional Art Museum, the Lipetsk Regional Exhibition Hall, the Lipetsk State Academic Drama Theater named after L.N. Tolstoy that will turn 100 years in 2021, old Lipetsk State Philharmonic Society (Union), Museum-Estate of P.P. Semenov-Tian-Shansky, House-Museum of T.N. Khrennikov, Art Museum. V.S. Sorokin - House of the Master, House-Museum of G.V. Plekhanov.

Another hallmark of Lipetsk region is the State Dance Theater "Cossacks of Russia" which over the thirty-year history has gained fame not only in Russia, but also far beyond its borders.

On the territory of the city of Lipetsk there is the regional educational center “Regional Center for Culture, Folk Art and Cinema” – one of the leading institutions in Lipetsk Region, which has repeatedly represented our region with dignity not only at the all-Russian, but also at the international level.

International festivals named after K.N. Igumny and A.P. Mistyukova as well as other similar events at the interregional level are conducted every year. They have become the “hallmark” of the cultural life of Lipetsk.

The annual plein air of leading artists of the Central Federal District has become one of the large-scale projects of Central Russia in the field of culture. Every year 18 artists from 18 regions of the Central Federal District create works on the Lipetsk land.

There are 40 educational institutions in the sphere of culture and art in the Lipetsk region: 2 art colleges, 37 art schools and 1 educational and methodological center for education and skills development of culture and art specialists.



The region has great tourist potential: favorable geographical position, high transport accessibility, rich historical and cultural heritage, magnificent nature.

The following types of tourism are developed in the region: cultural, educational, pilgrimage, eventful, children's, sports, tourist routes are developed for different categories of the population, more than 150 collective accommodation facilities and more than 100 travel agencies are in operation.

Famous architects Vasily Bazhenov, Tomaza Adamini, Nikolai Lvov, Konstantin Ton, Avraam Melnikov, Maximilian Mesmakher, Ivan Mashkov and others left their architectural creations on the territory of these cities.

There are more than 3,000 objects of cultural heritage in Lipetsk region, many of which are points of attraction for tourists: Vvedensky Church (Yelets, XVIII century); Zadonsky Christmas-Theotokos Monastery (Zadonsk city, XVII century); House of the head of the Astapovo railway station (Lev Tolstoy, XIX century); Ancient Assumption Church (XVII century); the Skornyakovo-Arkhangelskoye estate (Zadonsky district), the Nechaev-Maltsev estate complex (the village of Polybino, Dankovsky district), the Taldykin estate (Eletsky district) and others.

The following objects are very popular among residents and guests of the region:

  • The smallest nature reserve in the world, listed in the Guinness Book of Records, - the Galichya mountain;
  • Meshchersky forest-steppe experimental selection station (Stanovlyansky district), created in 1924. Since 2016, the event tourism festival "Lilac Paradise" has been held on the territory of the arboretum;
  • Natural park of wonders "Kudykina Gora";
  • Archeological park "Argamach", located in with. Argamach-Palna of the Yelets district;
  • The Lower Park in Lipetsk is the largest city park in Lipetsk, founded in 1805 by decree of Alexander I along with the Lipetsk Mineral Waters resort;
  • Bykhanov garden, opened in 1854;
  • Center of the Romanovskaya toy in the village Troitskoe of the Lipetsk region.

In the Lipetsk region annually there are more than 100 event festivals attended by residents of Lipetsk region and tourists from different regions of the country. The most significant and popular among them are: the International youth festival of historical reconstruction "Rusborg", the Interregional event tourist festival "Antonovskie apples", the regional ethnographic festival "Volchenskie patterns", the Inter-regional festival of traditional Cossack culture “Cossack outpost”, the festival of military-historical reconstruction "Terbunsky boundary. Hot Summer 1942”, festival of ethnoculture “Lipetsk Hillfort”, inter-regional festival of historical reconstruction “Rook Field”, “Military-historical reconstruction dedicated to the battles of 1941 for the city of Yelets”, knight's festival “Danburg”, inter-regional festival of historical reconstruction “Sagittarius”, annual event gastronomic potential “Ranenburg feast” and others.

The tourist-excursion flow is about 1 million people every year.

A brand of Lipetsk region was developed which is called “Lipetsk Land”. The tourist website liptur.ru has an online souvenir shop.

There is a consulting service of the Tourist Information Center of the Lipetsk region for tourists and a free hotline number: 8-800-200-81-20.