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Passport of the Chuvash Region

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Chuvash Republic is located in the eastern part of the East European Plain on the right bank of the Volga river, between the feeders of rivers the Sura and the Sviyaga. 

Total area -18,300 km2

Population – 1207,9 thousand people (as of 01.01.2021)

The capital of the republic – the city of Cheboksary (495,8 thousand people (as of 01.01.2021) is situated 650 km from Moscow).

The republic is the part of the Volga Federal District, borders with 5 regions of the Russian Federation (Chuvashia borders with Nizhny Novgorod Oblast in the west, with the Mari El Republic in the north, with the Republic of Tatarstan in the east, with Ulyanovsk Oblast in the south, and with the Republic of Mordovia in the south-west).



In the Chuvash Republic, culture is one of the factors of social stability. There are 6 professional theaters, 3 concert organizations, 489 public libraries, 786 cultural-leisure institutions, 16 museums, 5 parks of culture and rest.

A system of festival movement, which involves professional art and amateur folk art, has been formed in the republic. Today in the republic there are more than 3.8 thousand of amateur artistry and talent groups of various orientations, in which about 48,000 people are engaged. Annually, cultural institutions hold more than 120 thousand cultural and recreational, as well as educational events and campaigns for population.  More than 25 interregional, nationwide and world-class projects are executed. These projects include International Opera Festival named after M.D. Mikhailov, International Ballet Festival, Cheboksary International Film Festival, All-Russian National Folk Festival “Springs of Russia” (“Rodniki Rossii”) and other. 

Every year, 15 outstanding men in science, literature and art are awarded monthly state scholarships for a period of 1 year for the creation of highly artistic works and fundamental research in the field of science, literature and art.

The territory of the Chuvash Republic is rich in cultural heritage sites, 666 are supported by the state as historical and cultural monuments, which includes 221 monuments of federal importance and 445 of regional (national) importance, of which 353 are monuments of architecture and town planning, 124 are historical monuments, 13 are public art monuments, and 176 are monuments of archeology.

The great number of cultural heritage sites is in the historical settlements of Chuvashia, the city of Alatyr, Cheboksary, Mariinsky Posad, Tsivilsk, Yadrin and Poreckoe village. Most of them are outstanding monuments of architecture: Cathedral Wedensky (1651), Trinity Monastery (XVII-XVIII century), Vladimir Church (beginning of XVIII century), the Archangel Michael Church (1702) in Cheboksary, John the Precursor Cathedral (1703), the Church of the Holy Sign-painter (1770), Kyiv Nicolaevsky Nunnery (beginning of XVIII century) in Alatyr, Tikhvin Nunnery (XVIII-XIX centuries), Trinity Monastery with the Bell Tower (Pugachev’s Tower) (XVII-XVIII centuries) in Tsivilsk, Ascension Church (1813) in Semenovskoe village of Poreckoe region, Trinity Cathedral (XIX century) in Yadrin.

Fascinating examples of social architecture are Kadomtsev House, Solovtsov House, Salt Chamber, Presbytery of the Host Resurrection Church (XVIII century)  and villas of merchants Efremovs (XIX-XX centuries) in Cheboksary, Baryshnikov House (beginning of the XX century) in Yadrin, House of Baron Jomini and Stately Home of famous mathematician N.I. Lobachevski (XIX century) in Kozlovka.



Science and technical complex of the Chuvash Republic is represented by a number of organizations, which carry out scientific, scientific and technical activity and train scientific personnel.

The bulk of the scientific potential is concentrated in SFFEI of HPT the Chuvash State University named after I.N. Ulyanov, SFFEI of HPT Chuvash State Pedagogical University named after I.Y. Yakovlev, BSI of the Chuvash Republic the Chuvash State Institute of Humanities of the Ministry of Education and Science of Chuvashia, SFFEI of HPT Chuvash State Agricultural University, Cheboksary Cooperative Institute (branch) of Russian University of Cooperation, as well as in JSC “All-Russian Research, Design and Technology Institute for Relay Constructing with test production”, “Ilyenko ELARA Research and Production Complex” Ltd, OJSC “ABS ZEIM Automation”, Cheboksary branch of the Central Botanic Garden named after N.V. Tscitscin of the Russian Academy of Science and other organizations of different forms of ownership.



There are 13 educational institutions of higher learning in the Chuvash Republic, 11 institutions are state and 3 – are non-state (4 chief institutes of higher education and 9 branches). The biggest institutes of higher education: SFFIT of HPT the Chuvash State University named after I.N. Ulyanov, SFFIT of HPT the Chuvash State Pedagogical University named after I.Y. Yakovlev, the Chuvash State Agricultural University, Cheboksary Cooperative Institute (branch) of Russian University of Cooperation, Cheboksary Institute (branch) of Moscow Polytechnic University;

25 professional educational institutions;

107 institutions for supplementary education of children;

413 general educational institutions;

15 state educational institutions, implementing adaptive principal educational programs;

3 centers for orphaned children and children without parental support;

328 preschool educational establishments.



of educational institutions of higher professional training


State Federal-Funded Educational Institution of Higher Professional Training “Chuvash State University named after I.N. Ulyanov”

428015, Chuvash Republic, Cheboksary, Moskovsky prospekt, 15, tel.: +7 (8352) 58-51-36, 45-02-79, e-mail: office@chuvsu.ru, www.chuvsu.ru


Branch of State Federal-Funded Educational Institution of Higher Professional Training “Chuvash State University named after I.N. Ulyanov” in Alatyr

429820, Chuvash Republic, Alatyr, ul. Moskovskaya, 30; ul. Komsomola, 45, tel.: +7 (83531) 2-04-36; +7 (83531) 2-20-75, e-mail: alat_chuvsu@mail.ru, http://alatyr.chuvsu.ru/


State Federal-Funded Educational Institution of Higher Professional Training “Chuvash State Pedagogical University named after I.Y. Yakovlev”

428000, Chuvash Republic, Cheboksary, ul. K. Marx, 38, tel.: +7 (8352) 62-03-12, 62-04-80, e-mail: rektorat@chgpu.edu.ru, www.chgpu.edu.ru


State Federal-Funded Educational Institution of Higher Professional Training “Chuvash State Agricultural University

428000, Chuvash Republic, Cheboksary, ul. К. Marx, 29, tel.: +7 (8352) 62-23-34

e-mail: info@academy21.ru, www.academy21.ru


Cheboksary Polytechnic Institute (branch) of the State Federal-Funded Educational Institution of Higher Professional Training Moscow Polytechnic University

428000, Chuvash Republic, Cheboksary, ul. К. Marx, 54, tel.: +7 (8352) 63-04-59, 62-63-22, e-mail: rektorat@polytech21.ru, www.polytech21.ru


Branch of State Federal-Funded Educational Institution of Higher Professional Training “Russian Presidential Academy of the National Economy and Public Administration” in Cheboksary

428034, Chuvash Republic, Cheboksary, ul. Urukova, 8, tel. +7 (8352) 45-68-44;

e-mail: priemnaya@cheb.ranepa.ru, www.cheb.ranepa.ru


State Funded Educational Institution of Higher Professional Training of the Chuvash Republic “Chuvash State Institute of Arts” of the Ministry for Culture, Nationalities and Archival Affairs of the Chuvash Republic

428023, Chuvash Republic, Cheboksary, ul. Entuziastov, 26, tel.: +7 (8352) 33-09-69, e-mail: chgiki@cap.ru, www.chgiki.ru


Volzhski Branch of the State Federal-Funded Educational Institution of Higher Professional Training Moscow Automobile and Road Construction State Technical University (MADI)

428024, Chuvash Republic, Cheboksary, pr. Traktorostroiteley, 101, building 30, tel.: +7 (8352) 63-49-64, 30-73-58, e-mail: vfmadi@mail.ru, www.madi21.ru


Branch of State Funded Educational Institution of Higher Professional Training Mari State Technological University in Mariinsky Posad

429570, Chuvash Republic, Mariinsky Posad, ul. Nikolaeva, 52, tel.: +7 (83542) 2-13-61, 2-14-64, e-mail: tehnikum@inbox.ru, www.mpfmargtu.ucoz.ru


Cheboksary Cooperative Institute (branch) of Autonomous Non-Profit Organization for Higher Professional Education of the Central Union of Consumer Cooperatives of the Russian Federation “Russian University of Cooperation”

428025, Chuvash Republic, Cheboksary, pr. M.Gorkogo, 24, tel.: +7 (8352) 41-98-93, 66-36-56, e-mail: cheb@rucoop.ru, http://cheb.ruc.su


Cheboksary Institute (branch) of the Autonomous Non-Profit Organization for Higher Professional Education Moscow University for the Humanities and Economics

428005, Chuvash Republic, Cheboksary, ul. Grazhdanskaya, 85, tel.: +7 (8352) 34-90-38, 34-90-34, 34-90-32, e-mail: cfmgei@yandex.ru, http://www.cfmgei.ru


Branch of State Federal-Funded Educational Institution of Higher Professional Training “Samara State Railway University” in Alatyr

429820, Chuvash Republic, Alatyr, ul. Pervomayskaya, 48, tel.: +7 (83531) 2-59-51

e-mail: secretar@alatgt.ru, https://www.samgups.ru


Kanash Financial and Economic College of the branch of State Federal-Funded Educational Institution of Higher Professional Training “Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation”

429330, Chuvash Republic, Kanash, ul. Komsomolskaya, 46, tel.: +7 (83533) 2-19-04, е-mail: kfek@fa.ru, http://www.fa.ru


Raw Materials Base

Mineral resources of the Chuvash Republic do not have a significant potential for deposits of solid minerals and common minerals.

As of 31.12.2020 202 commercial deposits of common mineral resources (hereinafter - CMR) were registered in the territorial balance sheet. Three deposits of commercial minerals have the status of federal resources: Baevsk deposit of glass sands, Verkhnyaya Shorsirma and Siyava deposits of molding sands and deposit of mineral therapeutic mud of Ozero Kogoyar. 

Proven resources of minerals will make it possible to ensure the long-term needs of the economic sectors of the Chuvash Republic with mineral and raw materials for the following types of minerals with estimated stocks (as of January 1, 2021): 

brick and tile raw materials,  reserves -  84 218.1 thousand m3;

light-colored clay,  reserves - 2 991.2 thousand m3;

expanded clay material, reserves - 8 199.3 thousand m3;

construction sands, reserves - 165 465.39 thousand m3;

carbonates, reserves - 42 705.8 thousand m3;

rotten stone, reserves - 64 337.4 thousand m3;

gypsum and anhydrite, reserves - 178 841.9 thousand m3;

sand and gravel mix, reserves – 270.7 thousand m3;

peat, reserves - 11 030.3 thousand ton.

The total area, covered by forests, is 632.3 thousand ha, and they are distributed in the following way:

- forests, located on the designated forest land (they are under the authority of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Chuvash Republic) – 596.5 thousand ha;

- forests, located on the publicly protected lands – 34.0 thousand ha, among them:

National Park “Чăваш вăрманĕ” – 24.8 thousand ha,

State nature reserve “Prisurskiy” – 9.2 thousand ha;

- forests, located on the settlements lands – 1.0 thousand ha;

- forests, located on the other lands – 0.8 thousand ha.


Labor potential

According to sample surveys in 2020 labor force at the age of 15 years and older was 604,4 thousand people.


Market Infrastructure

There are 2 credit organizations, 2 branches of credit organizations of other regions, 39 operational offices, 206 supplementary offices, 21 lending and cash services offices, 1 mobile cash payments unit, as well as 1 rep office in the republic.


Gross Regional Product Breakdown

A general indicator of the social and economic development of the region is the volume of the gross regional product characterizing the achieved level of production of goods and services in the main branches of the economy.

The largest share in the structure of the gross regional product is accounted for by manufacture (25.9%). In addition to manufacture gross regional product is formed by the following sectors: wholesale and retail trade (12.5%), agriculture and forestry (8.2%), construction (5.8%), transportation and storage (5.0%). The share of the added value created by these types of economic activity in the total volume of the gross regional product was 57.4%.


Transport Infrastructure

The length of railways and highways is 421.2 km and 12560.9 km respectively. There is a river port and an international airport.

There are 435 bus routes on the territory of the Chuvash Republic, of which 268 are inter-municipal, including 95 intercity and 173 suburban routes. Suburban railway transport operates on the territory of the republic.

There is an urban ground electric transport in the cities of Cheboksary and Novocheboksarsk.


Industrial Complex

Industrial complex takes a leading place in the economy of Chuvashia, and it consists of four types of economic activity: mining, manufacturing, supply of electric power, gas and steam; air conditioning and water supply; water disposal, collection and recycling of waste, pollution control activities. Their share in the total turnover of organizations is more than 42%, they create about one-third of the gross regional product and provide more than 50% tax payments to the budget system of the Russian Federation. About 28% of the population of the republic is occupied in these spheres.

About 2.4 thousand enterprises of the republic are engaged in the industrial production.

In the volume of shipped products of the industrial complex, manufacturing organizations occupy about 87%.

In the structure of processing industries, the leading position is occupied by the organizations producing chemicals and chemical products (17.0%), electrical equipment (13.3%), food (16.6%), motor vehicles, trailers and semitrailers (9.4%), electronic and optical products (7.4%), machinery and equipment (7.4%), etc.

2% of volume of shipped goods, works and services performed by own forces of industrial enterprises of the Volga Federal District are accounted for by the industrial complex of the Chuvash Republic.

 Innovative development

According to experts from the Higher School of Economics National Research University, Chuvashia ranks 2nd in innovative activities in the ranking of innovative development of Russian regions in 2017, where the performance of the Chuvash Republic is more than one and a half times higher than the corresponding average Russian value (the innovation activity index in Chuvashia was 0.5439, in Russia - 0.3096).

As for the rating of innovative development of the Russian Federation regions for 2017, prepared by the Association of Innovative Regions of Russia (AIRR), the Chuvash Republic took 1st place among all regions in the section "Innovative Activity of the Region".


Agricultural complex

Chuvashia is an agricultural region where one in three citizens lives in rural areas (share of the rural population is 36.6%). The agricultural sector employs 20.0 thousand people (6.8% of the economy of the republic), it’s share in the gross regional product is 14.6%.

The existing specialization of agriculture in the production of vegetables, potatoes, milk, meat, grain, industrial crops, hops and fodder corresponds to the natural and economic conditions of the republic.

Main industries of animal production are meat-and-dairy cattle farming, pig husbandry, poultry husbandry and bee-fanning. There are specialized enterprises in the republic, involved in pond fish culture.

Agricultural production per 1 ha of cultivated area in the republic is 1.5 times higher than the average indicator for Russia.

Today the republic is the main region producing Russian hops, 90% of all hops in the Russian Federation are produced in the Chuvash Republic. There is a scientific base and a unique collection of hops - 250 types.

In addition to traditional vegetables, the republic grows 68.8% of Russian onion sets, or 49% of the country's total demand.

Production of food products, including drinks, is developing dynamically in the republic. Food production organizations carry out investment projects on expansion and modernization of production, introduce new production lines, take measures to improve quality and expand variety of the produced goods, as well as to carry out technical retooling and to implement the latest technologies and international quality standards.

Meat and dairy products, confectionary, bakery, macaroni and alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, beer, canned food, starches, cereals, mineral waters and other products are produced.

The republic is actively developing in the export direction. Since 2013, the region's agro-export increased threefold. The republic strength is a high share in the structure of exports of processed products, or non-resource exports - 80%.

Chuvash products are supplied to more than 41 countries of the world, while we have a rather rich assortment of products.


International Economic Activity

According to the data of the Volga Region Customs Administration, the foreign trade turnover of the Chuvash Republic in January- April 2021 has increased by 6.6%, compared with the same period of 2020 and amounted to 183.2 Mio. US dollars, and export increased by 15.8% and amounted to 82.4 Mio. US dollars, import increased by 0.1% and amounted to 100.8 Mio. US dollars.

In the export commodity structure of the Chuvash Republic the leading place was occupied by products of the chemical industry, rubber resin – 43.9% of the total export volume, engineering products – 29.4%, food products and raw materials – 14.2%.

In the import commodity structure the leading place was occupied by products of the chemical industry, rubber resin – 61.2% of the total import volume, engineering products – 21.7%, metals and metal products – 6.7%.  

The trading partners of the Chuvash Republic for the period of January- April 2021 were 85 countries. The main trading partners were countries of the far abroad. Their share in the turnover amounted to 54.6%, including 31.9% in export and 73.2% in import.

The largest trading partners:

exporters (75 countries): Kazakhstan (31.8%), Belarus (16.1%), Uzbekistan (5.9%), Moldova (4.9%), China (4.5%), Poland (4.1%).

importers (55 countries): China (40.2%), Belarus (24.2%), Germany (6.4%), Turkey (4.2%), Italy (3.8%), Japan (2.7%).

Investment and credit ratings of the Chuvash Republic

In April 2019, the international rating agency Moody's affirmed the long-term rating of the Chuvash Republic at Ba2 and retained its outlook as Stable.

In June 2019, the international rating agency Fitch Ratings affirmed the ratings of the Chuvash Republic: long-term foreign and local currency rating at "BB+", the outlook is “Stable”; and a short-term foreign currency rating at "B".

In September 2020 Rating Agency RAEX (Expert RA) affirmed the credit rating of Chuvashia at ruA (medium high level of credit rating/financial reliability/financial sustainability compared to the other rating objects in the Russian Federation). 


Economic realms, which have potential for attracting investments

In the Chuvash Republic there are all opportunities for successful joint cooperation of the region's enterprises and foreign partners. The most attractive for investors sectors of the economy are: housing services, metal-fabricating industries, food and chemical industry, transport, agriculture, hotel industry, tourism.


of investment offers of the Chuvash Republic



Name of investment offer


Expansion of the production of electrical equipment, LLC "NPP Bresler"


Production of lining ceramic brick, Stroykeramika Ltd.


Capital and tenant improvements of production sites of Cheboksary Meat Cutting Plant, Cheboksary


Creation of the investment project “Tourism and recreation cluster “Chuvashia is the heart of Volga”.


Construction of modern potato and vegetable storehouse with the capacity of 10 thousand tons and the place of their pre-sale preparation, “Natural Products of Povolzhie”, LLC.


Capital and tenant improvements of greenhouse complex, “Agricultural company “Oldeevskaya”


Construction of the plant for the production of granulated organic manure, “Agroholding “YURMA”, LLC


Expansion of animal unit for the production of milk with a capacity of up to 1200 cattle, “CheboMilk”, LLC

State support for organizations implementing investment projects in the Chuvash Republic in accordance with the current legislation is carried out in the following forms:

- granting tax exemptions (reduction in the profit tax of organizations in the part of taxes to be transferred to the regional budget of the Chuvash Republic, property tax rate);

- granting of investment tax deductions for the profit tax;

- granting on a competitive basis of state guarantees of the Chuvash Republic;

- conclusion of concession agreements concerning the objects, owned by the government of the Chuvash Republic;

- granting of land properties without bidding for implementation of priority projects of the Chuvash Republic;

- nonfinancial measures of state support in case of implementation of investment projects,  which have important economic and social significance for the Chuvash Republic (state maintenance and promotion of priority investment projects), etc.


Detailed information on the Chuvash Republic, the structure of the executive authorities of the region, the republican legislation, as well as a full list of enterprises and investment offers can be obtained by visiting the official portal of the authorities of the Chuvash Republic http://www.cap.ru.


Coordination of international relations, foreign economic and interregional cooperation, exhibition and fair activities in the Chuvash Republic is entrusted to the sector of external relations development of the Ministry of Economic Development and Property Relations: tel.: +7 (8352) 56-52-33, e-mail: economy@cap.ru, economy45@cap.ru.



of first-rate organizations of the Chuvash Republic


Machine-building complex companies

Machines and equipment production

JSC “Promtractor”

428028, Traktorostroitelei Prospect, 101V, Cheboksary, the Chuvash Republic

phone: +7 (8352) 30-46-20, 30-76-78, fax :+7 (8352) 63-37-81, 30-45-41

E-mail: prt@promtractor.ru, www.promtractor.ru

(production and maintenance service of industrial bulldozers, tractors, pipelayers of various modifications under the trademark "Chetra")


JSC “Cheboksary Aggregate Plant”

428022, Mira prospect, 1, Cheboksary, the Chuvash Republic

phone.: +7 (8352) 30-95-99, 30-99-75, fax: +7 (8352) 28-22-12

E-mail: chaz@chaz.ru, www.chaz.ru

(production of spare parts for automotive tractor industrial and agricultural machinery and consumer goods)


LLC “Promtractor-Promlit”

428028, Traktorostroitelei Prospect, 101V, Cheboksary, the Chuvash Republic

phone: +7 (8352) 30-78-13, 30-41-84, fax: +7 (8352) 30-41-91

E-mail: promlit@tplants.com, www.promlit.com

(production of castings for machine building (tractor, railway, municipal, etc.)


Production of electrical, electronic and optical equipment

JSC "Cheboksary Electrical Equipment Plant"

428000, Yakovlev Prospekt, 5, Cheboksary, the Chuvash Republic

phone.: +7 (8352) 62-04-61, fax: +7 (8352) 62-73-24, 62-72-67

E-mail: cheaz@cheaz.ru, www.cheaz.ru

(electrical ware production)


JSC “The Ilyenko Elara research and production complex”

428017 Moskovsky Prospekt, 40, Cheboksary, the Chuvash Republic

phone.: +7 (8352) 22-18-30, fax: +7 (8352) 22-14-03

E-mail: elara@elara.ru, www.elara.ru

(production of electronics for aviation, car industry, electronic and electrical products for industrial and household use, ATMs, coin phoneephones, software-technical complex "Quint" etc.)


OJSC “ABS ZEIM Automation”

428020, Yakovlev Prospekt, 1, Cheboksary, the Chuvash Republic

phone.: +7 (8352) 30-52-85, 30-51-48, fax: +7 (8352) 30-51-11

E-mail: adm@zeim.ru, www.zeim.ru

(development, production and servicing of electrical actuation devices, automation tools and process control)


EKRA Research and Production Enterprise Ltd

428003, Yakovlev Prospekt, 3, Cheboksary, the Chuvash Republic

phone/fax: +7 (8352) 22-01-30

E-mail: ekra@ekra, www.ekra.ru

(production of complex complete devices of relay protection and electroautomatics based on the latest microprocessor element base and information technologies)

LLC “Relematika”

428020, I. Yakovlev prospect, 1, Cheboksary, the Chuvash Republic,

phone: +7 (8352) 24-06-50

e-mail: info@relematika.ru, www.relematika.ru

(development, production, delivery and commissioning operations of micro processing equipment and relay protection and automatics systems for power facilities of all voltage types)


Production of vehicles and equipment

CJSC “Promtractor-vagon”

429330, ul. Ilicha, 1A, Kanash, the Chuvash Republic

phone.: +7 (83533) 2-55-65, fax: +7 (83533) 2-86-00

E-mail: kvrz@cbx

(production of open-top wagons of various modifications)


JSC "Kanash Auto-Aggregate Plant"

429330, ul. Phrunze, 6, Kanash, the Chuvash Republic

phone./fax: +7 (83533) 4-39-39, 4-33-65

E-mail: secrKAAZ@gaz.ru, www.kaaz.ru 

(production of units and assemblies for buses and cars, wheel- hub group, forward and rear axles, brake drums)


JSC "Plant of motor vans"
429120, ul. Lenina, 21 A, Shumerlya, the Chuvash Republic
phone .: +7 (83536) 2-23-93, fax: +7 (83536) 5-57-97
E-mail: kaf153@mail.ru, www.shumerkaf.ru
(Manufacture of motor vans, shift cars, ambulances and semi-trailers)

JSC "Shumerlya Plant of Special Vehicles"
429122, ul. Shcherbakova, 60, Shumerlya, the Chuvash Republic
phone .: +7 (83536) 6-70-01, 6-72-62, fax: +7 (83536) 6-72-00
E-mail: info@shzsa.ru, www.shzsa.ru
(Production of specialized vehicles, in particular insulated containers, caravans with medical equipment, maintenance shops, specialized vehicles for the transportation of valuable goods)

JSC "Cheboksary Enterprise “Sespel”
428000, ul. Yaroslavskaya, 76, Cheboksary, the Chuvash Republic

phone .: +7 (8352) 22-57-22, fax: +7 (8352) 22-57-22
E-mail: zaosespel@yandex.ru, www.sespel.com
(Production of semi-trailers of various modifications)


Chemical production

PJSC "Khimprom"
429952, ul. Promyshlennaya, 101, Novocheboksarsk, the Chuvash Republic,
phone : +7 (8352) 73-59-95, 73-50-05, fax: +7 (8352) 73-05-73, 66-20-67
E-mail: himprom@chtts.ru, www.himprom.com
(Manufacture of basic chemicals (hydrochloric acid, caustic soda, synthetic dyes, plasticizers, aniline), plant protection chemicals, components of  synthetic detergents and others.)


Branch of CJSC Company "AVGUST" "Vurnary plant of mixed compounds"
429220, ul. Zavodskaya, 1, Vurnary settlement, the Chuvash Republic
Phone / Fax: +7 (83537) 2-58-01, 2-56-40
E-mail: n.blinova@august.com, www.firm-august.ru
(Production of chemical plant protection products)


Joint Stock Company “Cheboksary Production Association named after V.I. Chapaev”

428006, ul. Sotsialisticheskaya, 1, Cheboksary, the Chuvash Republic

phone: +7 (8352) 39-62-09

E-mail: info@chapaew.ru

(production of pyrotechnic, rubber and plastics articles of different purpose)


Textile and clothing manufacture

JSC "Lenta"

428008, ul. Kalinina, 68, Cheboksary, the Chuvash Republic

phone: +7 (8352) 63-33-82, fax: +7 (8352) 63-48-46

E-mail: sales@lentacheb.ru, www.lentacheb.ru

(Manufacture of textile belts and their products)


LLC “Clothing Factory “Pike”

429960, ul. 10th Pyatiletki, 23, Novocheboksarsk, the Chuvash Republic

phone: +7 (8352) 77-28-57 

E-mail: pike@pikecheb.ru

(production of clothing for sleep, home and leisure)


LLC “Manufacturing Clothing Factory “OVAS”

428034, premises 6, ul. Pirogova, 10, Cheboksary, the Chuvash Republic

phone: +7 (8352) 45-16-09

E-mail: zakaz@kaysarow.ru

(production of clothing)


LLC “Arts and Crafts Firm “Pakha Tere” 

429500, ul. Shosseynaya, 25, Cheboksary district, Kugesi, the Chuvash Republic

phone: +7 (8352) 67-79-92

E-mail: paha_tere@mail.ru

(production of articles with Chuvash national embroidery)


Manufacture of leather, leather products and footwear

LLC "Yachting"
428003, Traktorostroitelei Prospect, 121, Cheboksary, the Chuvash Republic

phone: +7 (8352) 53-88-32, fax: +7 (8352) 53-88-32
E-mail: info@yahting.biz, www.yahting.biz
(Production of labor and specialized shoes for different areas of the national economy)


Agro-industrial complex

Agriholding "JURMA”
428903, ul. Sovkhoznaya, 13, Lapsary, Cheboksary district, the Chuvash Republic
Phone / Fax: +7 (8352) 63-52-10
E-mail: chpf@eurma.ru, http://eurma.ru
(Crop production (cash and seed wheat, cash and seed barley, peas), poultry, swine-breeding, animal feed production)

CJSC "Agricultural company "Oldeevskaya"
429960, ul. Vostochnaya, 10, Yurakovo, the Chuvash Republic
phone : +7 (8352) 73-38-11, fax: +7 (8352) 75-99-11
E-mail: oldeevo@inbox.ru, http://www.oldeevo.ru
(Production of greenhouse vegetables, milk, cultivation of flowers, seedlings)

LLC “Agricultural company “Slava Kartofelu”
429140, ul. Promyshlennaya, 8, Komsomolskoe settlement, the Chuvash Republic
phone .: +7 (8352) 24-02-50, fax: +7 (8352) 63-60-45
E-mail: ask21rus@mail.ru, http://ask21.ru
(Potato production)

428022, Skladskoy proezd, 16, Cheboksary, the Chuvash Republic
phone : +7 (8352) 63-16-71, 55-02-44
E-mail: office@akkond.com, http://www.akkond.ru
(Production of confectionery goods)

JSC "Cheboksary brewing company "Buket Chuvashii"
428022, proezd Solyanoe, 7, Cheboksary, the Chuvash Republic,

phone : +7 (8352) 63-08-05, 23-07-51
E-mail: buket@cbx.ru, http://www.buketbeer.ru
(Production of beer, mineral water, kvas and soft drinks)

JSC "Chuvashhleboprodukt"
428022, proezd Solyanoe, 1, Cheboksary, the Chuvash Republic
phone .: +7 (8352) 63-08-77, fax: +7 (8332) 63-52-94
E-mail: elevator@chhp.ru, http://www.chhp.ru
(Harvesting and processing of grain, production of flour, cereals, animal feed)

JSC "Vurnary meat processing plant»
429220, ul. Karla Marksa, 54, Vurnary, Vurnarsky District, the Chuvash Republic
Phone / fax: +7 (83537) 2-51-64, 2-50-15
E-mail: vur_vmk21@mail.ru, http: //вмк21.рф
(Production of meat and sausage products, meat semi-finished products)

LLC “Cheboksary meat processing plant»

428012, Kanashskoe shosse, 27, Cheboksary, the Chuvash Republic

E-mail: info@chmk21.ru, http://chmk21.ru/

+7 (8352) 32-05-80, 44-11-78 (do not indicated on website)

info@chmk21.ru, http://yamilk.ru

(manufacture of sausage products and meat delicacies)


JSC "Yadrinmoloko"
429060, ul. 30 let Pobedy, 34, Yadrin, the Chuvash Republic
phone / fax: +7 (83547) 2-23-72, +7 (83547) 2-30-84
E-mail: info@yamilk.ru, http://yamilk.ru
(Production of milk and dairy products)

LLC "Develey"
428000, premise 6, Lenin prospekt, 7, Cheboksary, Russia
phone / fax: +7 (83533) 4-78-70, +7 (499) 918-62-85
E-mail: info@develey.ru, http://develey.ru
(Production of mustard, sauces)

JSC "Poultry factory "Morgaushskaya"
429541, ul. Novaya, 66, Korakkasy, Morgaushsky District, the Chuvash Republic
E-mail: info@ptf21.ru, http://ptf21.ru/ (website)

+7 (83541) 65-2-49, 65-2-48
(Egg production)


"Tsivilsk bacon" branch of LLC "Avangard"
429910, ul. Molodezhnaya, 19, Taushkasy village, Tsivilsky District, the Chuvash Republic
E-mail: info@civbekon.ru, https://civbekon.ru/

+7 (83545) 64-9-98, 64-9-68, 64-9-45

 (Purebred swine-breeding, fattening and rearing of pigs, production and sale of pork meat in live weight, production of elite seeds of grain and leguminous crops)

LLC "Cheboksary macaroni-confectionery factory "Vavylon"
428015, ul. Urukova, 17, Cheboksary, the Chuvash Republic
E-mail: info@vavilon21.ru, http://www.vavilon21.ru/

+7 (8352) 45-39-91

 (Production of confectionery goods and macaroni products)

LLC "Cheboksary bred-baking plant №1»
428038, ul. Enthusiastov, 40, Cheboksary, the Chuvash Republic
E-mail: info@hz1.su, http://оаохлеб.рф/

+7 (8352) 31-43-95, 314282

(Bakery, pastry, confectionery goods production)

CJSC "Petrovsky bred-baking plant "
428003, ul. Petrova, 4, Cheboksary, the Chuvash Republic
+7 (8352) 62-25-78, 62-10-84 (do not indicated on website), 62-21-15, 55-41-59

E-mail: info@russhleb.ru, http://www.russhleb.ru/

(Bakery, pastry production)



429509, ul. Promyshlennaya, 1, Atlashevo, Cheboksary district, the Chuvash Republic

phone: +7(8352) 23-85-00

E-mail: ktotam@chebomilk.ru

(milk production, embryonal centre)

Organizations of fuel-energy complex

Branch of PJSC "Interregional Distribution Network Company of Volga" - "Chuvashenergo"
428003, Yakovlev prospect, 4/4, Cheboksary, the Chuvash Republic
phone .: +7 (8352) 62-13-21, 39-93-99, fax: +7 (8352) 62-73-23
E-mail: adm@ch-energo.ru, www.ch-energo.ru (website is not available)

http://www.mrsk-volgi.ru/ru/ /filiali/filial_oao__mrsk_volgi_____chuvashenergo_/

(Rendering services on electric power transmission, operational and technological management, services on technological connection of power receivers (power installations) of legal entities and individuals to electric networks)

JSC "Gazprom gas distribution Cheboksary"
428024, Yakovlev prospekt, 19A, Cheboksary, the Chuvash Republic
phone : +7 (8352) 54-01-82, fax: +7 (8352) 54-07-94
E-mail: gazset@chtts.ru, www.chsetgaz.ru
(Transportation of natural gas through distribution networks to consumers of the Chuvash Republic, provision of the population, enterprises, motor transport with liquefied gas)

Branch of PJSC "T Plus" "Mari El and Chuvashia"
428022, Marposadskoe shosse, 4, Cheboksary, the Chuvash Republic
phone: +7 (8352) 22-52-05, fax: +7 (8352) 22-64-04.
E-mail: chv-info@tplusgroup.ru http://www.tplusgroup.ru/
(Heat and electric power production)

JSC "Chuvash Energy Retail Company"
428020, ul. Gladkova, 13 "a", Cheboksary, the Chuvash Republic
phone.: +7 (8352) 36-80-04, fax: +7 (8352) 56-30-30
E-mail: priem@ch-sk.ru, www.ch-sk.ru
(Guaranteeing supplier of electric power at the territory of the Chuvash Republic)

Branch of PJSC "RusHydro" - "Cheboksary HPS"
429954, ul. Naberejnaya, 34, Novocheboksarsk, the Chuvash Republic
phone: +7 (8352) 30-18-59, 30-19-59, fax: +7 (8352) 30-17-59

e-mail: office@cheges.rushydro.ru, www.cheges.rushydro.ru
(Production of energy from water flows)


The basic organization of the building industry

LLC "Starko"
428001, M. Gorky prospekt, 18B,  Cheboksary, the Chuvash Republic
phone: (8352) 58-37-38, 58-36-76, fax (8352) 58-12-01
E-mail: starko@rambler.ru; www.starko.ru
(The company carries out a full cycle of works from the building design, construction and installation works to complete construction of the facility and its services)

JSC "Novocheboksarsk plant of building materials"
429955, ul. Promyshlennaya 30, Novocheboksarsk, the Chuvash Republic
phone: +7 (8352) 73-83-60, fax: +7 (8352) 74-05-90
E-mail: nzstrom@cbx.ru, нзсм21.рф
(Production of sand-lime brick)

House-Building Plant LLC "SUOR"
429950, ul. Promyshlennaya, 73, Novocheboksarsk, the Chuvash Republic
phone / fax: +7 (8352) 73-67-77

E-mail: info@dsk-suor.ru, www.dsk-suor.ru

(Production of large-panel construction, elements of prefabricated monolithic frame and wall materials production from environmentally friendly expanded-clay concrete)




of major Research and Development Establishments of the Chuvash Republic


OJSC “All - Russian Research, Design and Technological Institute of Relay construction with Model Shop” (JSC “VNIIR”)
428024, I. Yakovlev prospekt, 4, Cheboksary, the Chuvash Republic
phone: +7 (8352) 39-00-00, fax: +7 (8352) 39-00-03
E-mail: vniir@vniir.ru, mail@vniir.ru, www.vniir.ru

(Development and production of the following electrical products: relay protection and automation devices, drives, soft starters of high and low voltage electric motors, microprocessor protection and automation terminals, automated control systems of power facilities, low-voltage devices, wiring products (connecting blocks, screw terminals) spare parts for the repair of electric loaders and switchgears, low-voltage switchgears)


JSC “Design and construction bureau “Tekhnopribor”

428032, ul. Kompozitorov Vorobievykh, 16, Cheboksary, the Chuvash Republic
phone / fax: +7 (8352) 37-77-66

E-mail: info@technopribor.com, www.technopribor.com

(Production of equipment for the transportation of bulk and viscous materials, handling, storage and special technological equipment)


JSC “Special Design Bureau of Industrial Automation Systems”

428018, ul. Afanasieva, 8, Cheboksary, the Chuvash Republic

phone: +7 (8352) 45-77-14, fax: +7 (8352) 45-04-42

E-mail: admin@skbspa.ru, www.skbspa.ru

(Design, technological programming and short-run production: of electronic equipment for automatic control of technological processes).


LLC “Research and Production Enterprise “Ekra”

428020, Yakovlev prospekt, 3, Cheboksary, the  Chuvash Republic

phone: +7 (8352) 22-01-10, fax: +7 (8352) 22-01-10

E-mail: ekra@ekra.ru, www.ekra.ru

(Production of microprocessor-based devices of more than 40 types, including: complete protection of generators of low and medium power, complete protection of generators and blocks of generator-transformer units of large capacity, automatic alarm digital oscilloscopes, complete protection and automation equipment for power transmission lines and substations 110- 220 kV equipment, as well as complete protection of auto-transformers of 330-750 kV)


LLC “Relematika”

428020, I. Yakovlev prospekt, 1, Cheboksary, Chuvash Republic

Tel.: +7 (8352) 24-06-50

e-mail: info@relematika.ru, www.relematika.ru

(fundamental scientific researches in the field of energy; development of engineering and service software for the needs of relay protection and automatics; development of software and hardware systems and automation of power facilities; development, production, delivery and commissioning operations of micro processing equipment and relay protection and automatics systems for power facilities of all voltage types)


CJSC "Scientific-Production Implantation Company "Svarka"

428003, Cabelnyi proezd, 9, Cheboksary, the Chuvash Republic

phone: +7 (8352) 66-23-72, 30-81-61, 32-23-72,  fax: +7 (8352) 30-82-89

E-mail: info@svarka21.ru, svarka@bk.ru, www.svarka21.ru

(Manufacture of welding equipment and components to it: automatic lines of contact "ALIKS" welding for the production of the whole range of required for builders reinforcing fabrics, machines of electric arc welding and cutting by a rotating disc for metal cutting while performing a broad range of works - cutting of steel framework, steel cables, pipes, angles, channels, I-beams)


JSC “Design Bureau for Repair Shops and vans”

429123, ul. Frantseva, 17, Shumerlya, the Chuvash Republic

phone: +7 (83536) 2-04-38, fax: +7 (83536) 2-28-87

E-mail: kb_info@pr-t.ru, www.gskb.tppchr.ru

(Design and small series production of mobile workshops for technical maintenance and repair of units of various types of equipment, workshops and installations for welding, battery charge, specialized vehicles and vans for transportation of various cargos, container bodies)