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24 May 200616:39

Russian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Alexander Yakovenko's Participation in the Annual Session of the Council of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in Paris


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A regular annual ministerial session of the Council of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) was held in Paris on May 23-24, in whose work a Russian delegation led by Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Alexander Yakovenko took part.

The focus of attention of the meeting was questions related to ensuring the sustainable growth of the world economy in the conditions of high oil prices, growing disbalances in the economic development of leading countries of the world, the lack of progress in the multilateral trade talks within the framework of the World Trade Organization and others.

A solution to these problems, in the view of the session participants, is envisioned in terms of the enhancement of the responsibility of the governments of the member states of the Organization for carrying out structural reforms, reinforcing their national financial systems and expanding international cooperation in countering the risks and threats to economic and social development.

While not a member of the OECD, Russia has for a number of years been taking an active part in its work and in the activities of its specialized committees and working groups in an observer capacity.

As part of the consultations held during the session with the leadership of the OECD and with a number of its key member countries questions pertaining to the reinforcement of cooperation by our country with this Organization, inter alia under bilateral cooperation programs, as well as the prospects for the official launching of talks on Russia's accession to this influential structure of economic collaboration among leading countries of the world were discussed.

May 24, 2006




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