24 September 202011:16

Comment by Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova on the new expansion of US Department of the Treasury sanctions list


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In connection with the US Department of the Treasury’s new restrictive measures imposed on Russian individuals and legal entities, we note the following.

Having invented an enemy in the person of Russia, the US government machine continues to invest colossal efforts in persecuting our companies and citizens purportedly involved in some sort of interference in the electoral processes in the United States. As always, no evidence has been presented to support this.

We have repeatedly stated that we have never interfered in any internal political processes in the United States and have no intention of doing so. We have proposed discussing any existing concerns at the negotiating table in a professional and non-politicised manner. Unfortunately, we have seen no reciprocal interest from Washington yet. Instead of a normal dialogue, the US prefers to keep afloat the idea of the Russian threat, speculating on it in the pre-election political infighting and trying to rally US allies around the anti-Russia agenda.

There is perhaps just one thing that makes the recent sanctions wave different from the previous ones. According to the US Department of the Treasury press release, this time America imposes sanctions, among other things, for communicating with Russian federal executive bodies, including the Russian Foreign Ministry. No further comments are needed.





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