17 July 202018:33

Press release on Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s telephone conversation with Foreign Minister of China Wang Yi


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On July 17, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov had a telephone conversation with State Councilor and Foreign Minister of the People’s Republic of China Wang Yi.

The ministers discussed a number of current issues on the bilateral and international agendas, including preparations for the summit of UN Security Council permanent members, global security, developments in various regions of the world, integration processes in Eurasia, and SCO and BRICS activities under Russia’s chairmanship this year.

Sergey Lavrov informed his colleague about the progress of the Russia-US dialogue on arms control in the context of maintaining strategic stability.

Wang Yi spoke about the results of yesterday’s China + Central Asia (C+C5) foreign ministers’ videoconference.

The ministers expressed a mutual commitment to continue close cooperation in fighting COVID-19, including within the World Health Organisation and in other multilateral formats.

The conversation was held in a trust-based and constructive manner and confirmed the consistency of opinions on all the topics discussed as well as Moscow and Beijing’s commitment to settling global issues exclusively through equal dialogue and a search for a balance of interests while respecting the principles of the UN Charter.



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