13 June 201913:35

Comment by the Information and Press Department on a decision to deploy an additional US military contingent in Poland


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We learned with regret of the decision by Washington and Warsaw to deploy a reinforced US military contingent in Poland. We believe that it is a serious blow to a key provision of the 1997 Russia-NATO Founding Act, under which NATO renounced the deployment of “substantial combat forces” on the territory of new member-states.

A situation is taking shape for the first time when the United States is circumventing its NATO obligations by signing bilateral agreements with select allies.

Therefore, a new factor of military and political tensions is emerging in Europe. Washington is conducting a further dangerous buildup of military capability on the continent with no regard for its obligations under multilateral instruments, and now with no regard for its European allies.

Assurances that this buildup is insignificant should not mislead anyone. Staff divisions being established in Poland for the current buildup have a far greater capability. We perceive this as an indication of preparations for subsequent large-scale deployments.

These actions undermine one of the few remaining documents that are called on to ensure military stability in Europe. Russia cannot but take this into account in its defence planning and practical activities.

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