22 December 201718:18

Joint Statement on humanitarian mine action in Syria including the UNESCO list of cultural heritage sites


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The Islamic Republic of Iran, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Turkey (hereinafter – the Guarantors) state that there exists a large-scale threat of deliberate destruction and mining of world historical monuments and UNESCO cultural heritage sites in Syria by terrorist organizations.

The contamination from explosive hazards in populated areas as well as in historical and cultural heritage sites in Syria constitutes a great threat in light of their global significance for the world civilization.

The Guarantors call upon the UN Member-States to take urgent and necessary actions to preserve historical heritage for future generations, to demine and dispose of the explosive hazards regardless of the political context.

The Guarantors call upon the UN Member-States to provide technical support for the effective and rapid execution of mine action operations, to share relevant information and data as well as to provide for financial resources for humanitarian mine action.

The Guarantors emphasize the central coordination role of the United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS) in solving this problem.

The Guarantors call upon the Government of the Syrian Arab Republic and the UNMAS to work closely together to establish International Mine Action Group. The Guarantors will facilitate efforts of the international community on mine action and disposal of explosive hazards in Syria.

The Mine Action Group will develop a roadmap for launching the humanitarian mine action operation and ensuring safe access of the specialists to the de-mining sites.

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