3 March 201417:46

Comment by the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Alexander Lukashevich, regarding work in the G8


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With regard to the statements of some G8 members, we note that the decision to suspend work within the framework of the programme of the Russian presidency of this international body, is not motivated by anything.

It is not just politically detrimental, but is also contrary to the principles of constructive interaction in this format, which is oriented towards the use of the joint potential of the G8 in the interests of development, global stability, as well as the fight against transborder challenges and threats. The suspension of work within the framework of the Russian presidency is detrimental not only to the G8 countries but also to the entire international community, because Russian priorities include some truly consuming aspects for the entire world.

It is even more pitiful that our partners refused to participate in the International conference to confront the radicalisation of public moods amounting to terrorism, which opened today in Moscow and was welcomed with keen interest.

As to the development of events in Ukraine and around it, Russia has provided the necessary explanations,through different channels and at all levels, many times. We recommend our colleagues from the G8 study them attentively.

We express a hope that instead of the politicised approaches prevailing in some capitals today, the readiness to be guided by common interests and continue our joint constructive work in the G8 will come to the fore. Russia is ready for that.

3 March 2014

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