18 December 201816:50

Press release on the UN General Assembly adoption of a Russian-proposed resolution on combating cyber crime


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On December 17, the UN General Assembly adopted, by majority vote, the Russian-proposed resolution on Countering the Use of Information and Communications Technologies for Criminal Purposes. The resolution was supported by 94 member states with 59 voting against and 33 abstaining.

The key aim of our initiative is to launch a broad transparent political discussion on combating information crime and to search for and create responses to one of today’s most pressing challenges. The resolution is aimed at promoting a global consensus and working out concrete and practical approaches to countering cyber crime in the absence of effective international legal instruments.

These concepts met with wide support in the international community. The resolution was co-authored by 36 countries, including all our BRICS, SCO and CSTO partners. The majority of the developing counties in Asia, Africa and Latin America favoured adoption.

During the vote, the United States and European Union countries vividly demonstrated that they do not intend to bring up the problem of fighting cyber crime for discussion at the UN. Their strategic goal is to maintain the current state of affairs in the international information space, which suits them and which is aimed at maintaining digital inequality between various members of the international community.

Indicatively, it is Russia that, against the backdrop of regular groundless accusations of cyber aggression hurled against it, is pushing forward a constructive and open dialogue on combating cyber crime. We believe that the first ever separate resolution on this problem, adopted within the framework of the UN General Assembly, will make it possible to overcome some negative trends in this sphere for the international community. We hope for maximum productive and relevant dialogue within the UN framework.