28 June 201420:30

Statement by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding another shooting at the Russian border checkpoint by Ukrainian military persons


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On the 28 June a Russian border checkpoint was attacked by Ukrainian military personnel again. A week ago, there was a shooting at the Novoshakhtinsk checkpoint.

Today the Ukrainian forces were shooting at the checkpoint Gukovo in the Rostov region. The customs building checkpoint was seriously damaged. We are especially concerned that there were Ukrainian refugees, nationals of that country there at that time. Luckily, there were no casualties. Missiles also hit the nearby populated areas in the territory of the Russian Federation. The Russian Federation expressed a decisive protest with regard to such provocations of Ukraine, which grossly violate the fundamental principles of international law. The specified actions by the Ukrainian military personnel became another link in the chain of violations of the cease fire, which was announced by the Ukrainian Presidentand which is actually disrupting the dialogue which has begun regarding the settlement of the armed conflict in the East of Ukraine. Russia requests from Ukraine an end to such kinds of provocations from Ukraine and to conduct a thorough investigation of this incident and to strictly punish those, who are guilty.

28 June 2014

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