30 June 201414:33

Comment by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the death of a Russian journalist in Ukraine


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Cruel and absolutely illegal persecution of Russian journalists is continuing in Ukraine. The operator of the "Pervyi kanal", Anatoly Klyan, was killed by Kiev forces on the 30 June in Donetsk. A car with journalists of the LifeNews TV channel was shot at with light weapons near a military unit, and they were lucky to escape. Unknown persons started to shoot at engineering crews of the TV channels Mir 24 and REN TV.

Many representatives of the Russian mass media have become victims of the Ukrainian atrocities lately. Attacks on our journalists take place against the backdrop of multiple assurances by the President Petro Poroshenko that he is ready to settle the situation in the South-East of the country and to achieve a cease-fire. In fact, the Ukrainian authorities do everything – even using provocations and putting the lives of Russian nationals in danger – to prevent attempts to bring the truth about what is happening to the world community. Now it is evident that journalists, who bravely perform their professional duty, are being held at gunpoint by the Ukrainian forces and ultranationalists. Kiev even uses means like physical reprisal, targeted shooting at journalists and torture, which are prohibited by international law.

The requests by Russia and other representatives of the international community to the Ukrainian authorities to conduct objective investigations into all the incidents related to the attacks on our journalists and other attacks on civilians in the conflict area, are still unanswered. We are outraged about Kiev's attitude towards journalists from Russia who are working in Ukraine, and we ask them to stop such persecutions and reprisals immediately and to punish those who are guilty. Ukraine must finally start implementing its international obligations in the area of human rights and the rule of law.

30 June 2014

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