16 July 202018:25

Press release on the Foreign Ministry’s report on human rights in Ukraine


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The Ministry has drafted a report on the human rights situation in Ukraine.

The document states the unfavourable state of affairs in this area in that country and focuses on systematic violations of fundamental human rights and freedoms. The Ukrainian authorities continue to adopt legislative acts that run counter to national law and international obligations in the area of human rights.

Under the fabricated pretext of the need to oppose “Russian aggression” and “separatism” in Ukraine, the authorities are persecuting political opponents, independent journalists and media outlets, as well as members of NGOs that the authorities find objectionable. The same far-fetched pretexts are used to justify restrictions of the rights of internally displaced persons who fled from the zone of internal armed conflict in southeastern Ukraine, as well as the suppression of the civil rights of the Russian-speaking population and representatives of ethnic minorities, especially in education. The same reasoning is behind the persecution of priests and parishioners of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church and the campaign of violence used in seizing the parishes that belong to it. The coronavirus infection has also been used to justify such unseemly actions.

The Ukrainian authorities are pursuing a purposeful policy of justifying and glorifying Nazi criminals and their Ukrainian henchmen. The distorted interpretation of the historical events of those years imposed by the authorities, especially in schools, is designed to promote a nationalist sentiment among the public, primarily the younger generation.

The country’s right-wing radical organisations are openly promoting racial hatred and racist ideology. As a result, ethnic or national minorities often face discrimination and stigmatisation, as well as physical aggression. Given this, a significant increase in manifestations of racism, xenophobia and anti-Semitism, as well as acts of vandalism against religious sites in that country is not surprising.

Numerous problems in Ukraine regularly come to the attention of international human rights monitoring organisations, human rights treaty bodies, the UN Human Rights Council special procedures, as well as international and Ukrainian non-governmental human rights organisations. These bodies highlight the systematic nature of human rights violations in Ukraine and point out with concern that the identified problems need close attention on behalf of the authorities and major efforts to overcome them.

Unfortunately, so far we have not seen any evidence of the Ukrainian authorities’ plans or ability to address this unseemly situation.

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