3 October 200510:50

Russian MFA Information and Press Department Commentary Regarding Reports About Iran's Plans to Cease Application of the Additional Protocol to the Safeguards Agreement with the IAEA


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Unofficial translation from Russian

According to incoming reports from Teheran, the Iranian parliament (Majlis) is finishing the elaboration of a document obliging the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran to terminate the validity of the Additional Protocol in the event of pressure being further stepped up on the IRI to give up the right to develop its own nuclear fuel cycle.

We presume that it meets the interests of normalizing the situation around the IRI's nuclear program, the continuation by Teheran of enterprising cooperation with the IAEA with a view to the soonest closure of the remaining questions about this program and for the purpose of Iran's abidance by the obligations it has voluntarily assumed, including the Additional Protocol to its IAEA Safeguards Agreement. The voluntary application by Iran of the provisions of this document, which it signed in 2003 but has not yet ratified, is an extremely important confidence-building measure, whose abandonment will not be conducive to the settlement of the Iranian nuclear problem within the IAEA.

October 3, 2005

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