14 November 201921:34

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov answers a question from Prensa Latina news agency


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Question: Will Russia recognise Jeanine Anez, the Bolivian Senate’s second vice-president, as Bolivia’s interim president?

Sergey Ryabkov: We have taken note of the report that the Senate’s second vice-president assumed the post of Bolivia’s interim president. We presume that the appointment, and the main thing – the legitimacy of the head of state must clearly correspond to the legislative norms of the country’s Constitution, to serve to unite rather than divide the nation.

The issue of electing leaders is the internal and sovereign matter of the country and its people. We are concerned that recent developments were reminiscent of a coup. The Senate could not gather a quorum to elect Ms Anez president. Correspondingly, her decision to lead the country is based on an interpretation of the provisions of the Constitution.

Meanwhile, if we proceed from the current situation in Bolivia, it is clear that Ms Anez will be accepted as Bolivia’s leader until the issue of a new president is resolved through an election. Our recognition or non-recognition of her in this position is not an issue.

Bolivia needs a calm, inclusive and peaceful dialogue now.  It is important to resume the functioning of state institutions within the constitutional framework. We hope that all members of the international community will show a responsible approach both in Latin America and outside it.

Russia is interested in a politically and economically stable Latin America, including Bolivia with which we have close relations of friendship and mutually advantageous cooperation.

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