21 August 201816:13

Comment by the Information and Press Department on the statement by Afghanistan’s Ambassador to Russia


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We took note of the recent statement by the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to Russia Abdul Kuchai alleging that the Russian Federation intended to use the Taliban against ISIS in Afghanistan.

We would like to make it abundantly clear that the assertions made by the head of Afghanistan’s diplomatic mission in Moscow are completely untrue and distort the very essence of Russia’s policy on Afghanistan. We have responded to those who are behind these kinds of allegations on numerous occasions.

This is not the first time that Abdul Kuchai has made statements based on nothing but insinuations. We call on everyone to refrain from taking cues from those who have issues with efforts by the Russian Federation to promote a peace process in Afghanistan and neutralise the extremist and terrorist threats emanating from that country.

It is deeply regrettable that instead of striving to maintain an atmosphere of partnership and mutual trust between the Russian Federation and the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, its Ambassador to Russia takes steps that are headed in an opposite direction.

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