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14 December 201721:15

Comment by Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova on American and Canadian weapons deliveries to Ukraine

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We have to point out the continuing distortion of facts in the United States and Canada, which accuse the Donbass self-defence forces of artillery attacks that are in fact waged by the Ukrainian forces. The last time this happened was at the December 13 briefing at the US Department of State. We have a strong impression that deliberate attempts are being made to shift the blame. Washington and Ottawa are clearly seeking a pretext to begin large-scale lethal weapons deliveries to Ukraine.

The Canadian authorities have announced that they may grant their companies licences for such commercial transactions, without thinking through the possible ramifications of this decision. It has transpired recently that US concerns, in particular AirTronic USA, are delivering weapons to Kiev with the covert permission of the State Department and the Pentagon, although the official US position is that there has been no final decision on this matter yet. 

We advise those who are pressing for and taking these decisions to stop and think about their personal responsibility. It is clear that supplying US and Canadian means of warfare to Ukraine is paramount to pushing Kiev, which has been sabotaging a peaceful settlement in the east of the country, towards reckless new military decisions. Washington and Ottawa should realise that there is no military solution to the Donbass conflict, which was caused by the state coup in Kiev, and that those who deliver weapons to murderers will share the blame for people’s deaths.


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