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7 November 201720:08

Comment by the Information and Press Department on Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s televised address

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On November 4, during a trip to Saudi Arabia, Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri announced his resignation in a televised address broadcast by Al Jazeera TV. Under the Constitution of the Lebanese Republic, the resignation of the Prime Minister, if it is accepted by the President, means that the Cabinet is automatically dissolved.

So far, President Michel Aoun has not accepted Mr Hariri’s resignation, saying that he needs to meet with the Prime Minister in person on Lebanese soil prior to making the decision. His position was backed by Speaker of the Parliament Nabih Berri.

Moscow is concerned with the situation in friendly Lebanon. It jeopardises the positive trends that have been developing in Lebanon since 2016 when Mr Aoun’s election as President and the formation of the coalition government led by Saad Hariri ended the crisis in the executive branch.

A firm supporter of the sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of Lebanon, Russia has invariably stood and continues to stand for allowing the Lebanese themselves to resolve all serious issues on their national agenda without outside interference, through dialogue and exclusively within the legal framework with consideration for the interests of the leading political forces and ethnic and religious communities. We hope that at this alarming turn of events the Lebanese will still be able to work out a decision that will meet the highest goal of maintaining civil peace and stability in Lebanon as well as the security of that country and the whole Middle East.

Simultaneously, we are calling on all outside forces that have an influence on Lebanon to exercise restraint and use constructive approaches, which is especially important due to the complicated situation in the region.




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