Comments and statements by Foreign Ministry Spokesman

31 July 201716:33

Comment by the Information and Press Department on the situation in Venezuela

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On July 30, the people of Venezuela elected representatives to the Constituent Assembly. According to the National Electoral Council, over eight million people or 41.5 per cent of the electorate voted. The votes are still being tabulated, and the final results are expected soon.

We regret to note that opposition forces did not respond to the call to take part in the elections, but instead tried to hamper the elections, provoking clashes that have resulted in human losses. We urge the opposing parties to stop the pointless violent confrontation.

We believe that the latest election is sending a clear message regarding the long-overdue need to overcome the current national crisis through dialogue, under the law, and based on the will of the people and without foreign interference.

We hope that those representatives of regional and international communities, who, as one can assume, do not want to recognise the results of the elections in Venezuela and who apparently want to increase economic pressure on Caracas will display restraint and abandon their destructive plans, which can only polarise society further. Now it is particularly important to prevent another round of violence and any new form of confrontation. It is necessary to normalise conditions, including externally, so that the Constituent Assembly will be able to lay the foundations for peacefully resolving the contradictions in Venezuelan society, for attaining national accord and implementing reforms for the sake of state development and prosperity and for the well-being of every Venezuelan citizen.




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