26 February 202118:53

Comment by the Information and Press Department on the ratification of Russian-Estonian border treaties


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We have taken note of the statements made by the newly appointed Foreign Minister of Estonia Eva-Maria Liimets and supported by President Kersti Kaljulaid about Estonia’s interest in the ratification of treaties on the state border with the Russian Federation.

However, we have also noticed the frenzied reaction this initiative has caused among the radical part of the Estonian political spectre, which is hostile to Russia. Some of its representatives, including Parliament Speaker Henn Polluaas, have openly accused the new government of betraying national interests. According to Mr Polluaas, ratification would amount to cowardice, surrender and the formalisation of the annexation of Estonian territories by Russia.

We have discussed the possibility of ratifying state border treaties on numerous occasions. It is fundamentally important that in the process Estonia does not advance any territorial claims or political conditions. An essential factor is also Tallinn’s readiness to improve the general atmosphere of bilateral relations, in particular, abandon its policy of removing the Russian language from Estonia’s public life, persecuting Russian-language media and journalists, disregarding the shameful problem of non-citizens, and attempting to demonise Russia, including in NATO and the EU.

We would like to emphasise that it was not Russia who disrupted the ratification process after the signing of the Russian-Estonian border treaties in 2005 and blocked it after the treaties were signed again in 2014. As a result, we have to start anew. We leave the choice to Estonia. Estonian politicians should first of all settle the issue among themselves, abandon political posturing and take steps towards settling the border issue in the interests of their own people. Russia is always ready for constructive interaction.


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