15 September 202019:36

Comment by the Information and Press Department on UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres’ appeal to revise unilateral sanctions


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We noted the Russian domestic news agency RIA Novosti interview with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on September 15. In this interview he, in part, again urged a revision of the unilateral sanctions against countries hit hard by the coronavirus, because such restrictions are undermining their ability to counter the pandemic.

We support the attitude of the UN Secretary-General who has focused attention on this issue because unilateral restrictions undermine state sovereignty and have a disastrous impact on the economic and humanitarian situation in these countries.

Russia and its associates have long been talking at multilateral venues about the need to stop the practice of crude economic pressure that ends up hurting too many ordinary people, undermines the principles of international law and runs counter to the rules and standards of the World Trade Organisation.

We hope Mr Gutteres’ appeal will be heard by the members of the international community that have been obsessed with unilateral restrictions recently.

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