11 September 201911:26

Comment by the Information and Press Department on the idea of moving the monument to Marshal Ivan Konev in Prague


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The recent unseemly campaign launched by some Czech politicians over the monument to Marshal Ivan Konev in Prague has been complemented by media proposals on moving the monument to Russia.

It should be noted that monuments only really have a meaning when they are erected in the area connected to the historical events they commemorate. Any initiative on moving them derogates the significance of the glorious yet tragic pages in history these monuments commemorate. Also, we would like to point out that the Czech authorities are responsible for honouring the provisions of the Russian-Czech Treaty on Friendly Relations and Cooperation signed on August 26, 1993, which sealed a mutual obligation to protect military monuments erected on their territory.

We again urge those who are provoking a war on the symbols of Victory over Nazism to stop the desecration of the monument to Marshal Konev. We are pleased to note that many responsible Czech officials and politicians support our position.

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