21 May 202016:45

Address to the Readers Sergei Lavrov Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia


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Dear friends,

We would like to draw your kind attention to a special issue of the International Affairs magazine devoted to the Russian BRICS Chairmanship in 2020. It will introduce you to the priorities and tasks of our country’s participation in this unique global governance mechanism, which serves as one of the “pillars” of an emerging more just and democratic world order.

BRICS is a striking example of the effectiveness of multipolar diplomacy. Countries with different cultural and civilizational backgrounds have united on the basis of a constructive foreign policy philosophy, so in demand in the tumultuous modern world.

The participants adhere to coinciding or similar approaches to key global and regional issues. They are committed to building interstate communication on the principles of the UN Charter based on the values of equality, mutual respect and consideration of interests. They oppose the revision of the results of World War II.

All this creates the prerequisites for further consolidation of efforts aimed at building a stable and predictable future, for developing common answers to numerous challenges and threats of a global nature.

Economic cooperation is a special area of five-sided collaboration.  The New Development Bank is successfully functioning. The BRICS Contingent Reserve Arrangement is being strengthened. We reject the methods of protectionism and unilateral sanctions, proceed from the lack of alternatives to building international trade on the basis of transparency, openness and inclusiveness. Therefore, it is for a reason that more and more countries with dynamic economies are showing keen interest in the activities of BRICS.

Rich cultural, youth, educational, sports contacts contribute to fostering the atmosphere of friendship and trust between our peoples.

During the Russian BRICS Chairmanship, we will continue to work on expanding the horizons of our strategic partnership in all three main areas - political, economic and humanitarian. I am convinced that such a constructive, results-oriented approach, shared by our friends, will become the key to an effective Russia’s BRICS Chairmanship and will allow us to successfully hold the XII Summit of the five countries in St. Petersburg in July 2020.