3 April 201816:26

The Finno-Ugric Ethnic and Cultural Park in the Republic of Komi

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The Finno-Ugric Ethnic and Cultural Park in the Republic of Komi

The Finno-Ugric Ethnic and Cultural Park (hereinafter referred to as the Ethnopark) is a multifunctional tourist complex, the core of the tourist cluster with a wide use of the ethnic component and cultural heritage of 24 related Finno-Ugric and Samoyedic peoples.

The Ethnopark complex is located sixty kilometers from Syktyvkar, the capital of the Republic of Komi, in Yb Village, one of the oldest and most beautiful settlements.

The Ethnopark infrastructure consists of the following facilities:

  • An Entrance Group in the shape of modern two-story buildings in the Scandinavian Minimalism Style located to the left and right of the central entrance. In the buildings there are reception and visitors service, offices, Finnougoria Cafe for 110 seats;
  • Congress Hall is the base for event and business tourism. It includes a 500-seat auditorium equipped with modern technical facilities, a foyer which can be used as an exhibition hall, a 100-seat conference hall, a business center, make-up rooms, a dressing room, a cafe;
  • Komi Yard Fair provides visitors with the opportunity to familiarize with the life of the Komi people and includes a stylized Komi house, a sauna with a wood barn and a well;
  • The Finnougoria Hotel has 24 comfortable rooms, a lobby bar, a meeting room and a billiard room;
  • The Rope Park is 400 meters long. It consists of three routes: for children, family and extreme;
  • A hard-surface open event platform with an area of 4,000 m² shaped as a circle with a possibility of erecting a mobile scene. In winter time it is used as a skating rink and for placing ice sculptures.


The second stage of the Ethnopark construction includes creating the Finno-Ugric village as an open-air museum, where living houses typical for Finno-Ugric countries and regions will be built to present their culture, history, way of life and traditions. The project is timed to the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Komi in 2021. Currently, negotiations are being held with Finno-Ugric countries and regions of Russia on their possible participation in the project by building national traditional yard fairs, authentic residential and economic buildings, and other ethnographic objects in the Ethnopark.

One of the objectives of the Ethnopark is to develop domestic and incoming tourism in the Republic of Komi. On March 7, 2017 the Finno-Ugric Ethnic and Cultural Park was included in the Federal Register of Tour Operators of the Federal Agency for Tourism (registration No. 01306). In March 2017 the Touristic Information Center of the Republic of Komi began to work on the basis of the Ethnopark. In May 2017 a front office of the regional Touristic Information Center was opened in Syktyvkar.

The Government of the Republic of Komi invites stakeholders and investors to participate in the regional investment project to create a modern multi-purpose tourist complex Finno-Ugric Ethnic and Cultural Park.

Please, visit the Ethnopark web-site http://www.ethnopark-rk.ru/