15 November 201213:50

On the meetings of Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia S.V. Lavrov in Saudi Arabia


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On November 14, within the context of second ministerial round of strategic dialogue Russia – Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf in Riyadh, meetings of Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russian Federation S.V. Lavrov with Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia S. Al-Faisal and Secretary General of the National Security Council, Director General of Saudi Intelligence Agency B. bin Sultan.

During the meetings, parties thoroughly considered condition and perspectives of Russian-Saudi relations. They emphasized necessity of continuation of bilateral political dialogue on different levels, confirmed mutual interest in activization of mutually beneficial trade and economic relations including high-technology and investment spheres.

While discussing key aspects of further developments in Near and Middle East, focus was put on necessity of provision of early reconcilement of the most critical regional problems, including Syrian, on the basis of respect for provisions in PLO's Regulations and principles of international rights.

S.V. Lavrov emphasized importance of forum, which took place in Riyad, and confirmed Russian party's mood for further strenghtening and development of diversified cooperation with CCASG.

November 15, 2012

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