20 November 202017:52

Press release on Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko’s remarks at the Northern Dimension Online Forum


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On November 20, Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko spoke at the Northern Dimension Online Forum, a unique platform for equal and mutually beneficial cooperation between Russia, the European Union, Iceland and Norway. The event, organised by the Northern Dimension Business Council in cooperation with the Association of European Businesses and the Moscow School of Management Skolkovo, involved about 600 representatives from Russian and foreign business communities, as well as government, non-governmental, scientific and educational agencies. The forum focused on the response of businesses within the Northern Dimension to the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic.

During the discussions at the plenary meeting and parallel sessions of the specialised working groups of the forum, the participants reaffirmed the need for joint work to overcome the crises in the economies of the region’s countries caused by the pandemic, as well as to counter epidemiological threats.

For more than a decade of its existence, the annual Northern Dimension Forum has established itself as a useful platform for exchanging views, developing solutions on a wide range of cooperation issues in the north of the European continent, and supporting project activities.

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