2 August 200721:36

Outcome of 14th Session of ASEAN Regional Forum on Security


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Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov on August 2 in Manila took part in the 14th session of the ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF). This key mechanism of interstate dialogue on security issues in the AP region incorporates twenty-seven countries, including Russia, the PRC, US, Japan, India, Pakistan, the ASEAN nations and also the European Union.

Meeting participants discussed the international and regional situation in the context of the Forum's future activities. Topical themes, such as the Korean Peninsula nuclear problem, the situation in Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan and Middle East settlement, were substantively examined.

The focus of attention was also reinforcement of the regime for nonproliferation of weapons of mass destruction. The concerted approaches of the Forum participants in this domain found reflection in an ARF Statement in Support of the Implementation of UNSCR 1540, adopted at the United States' initiative.

Agreements were approved, concretizing the forms and methods for deepening regional cooperation in combating international terrorism and other types of transnational crime. On the Russian side's proposal the session approved an ARF Statement on the Development of Intercivilizational Dialogue. Recommendations were adopted for enhancing the effectiveness of collaboration in overcoming the consequences of natural disasters.

The common interest was reaffirmed in greater practical dividends of cooperation in the framework of the ARF, and its ability to adequately respond to the new challenges to regional security and to interact with other regional structures, including the SCO.

Sergey Lavrov held bilateral meetings with the heads of the foreign affairs agencies of a number of ARF member states, in the course of which practical aspects of Russian relations with these countries were examined.

August 2, 2007

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