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ASEAN Regional Forum Senior Officials’ Meeting


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An annual Senior Officials' Meeting (SOM) of the ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF), which consists of 26 Asian-Pacific states and the European Union, took place in Danang on May 19-20. Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Alexei Borodavkin headed the Russian delegation.

The ARF-SOM became the key stage in preparation for the 17th ARF Ministerial Session scheduled for July 23 in Hanoi. It summed up the work of the forum over the year in the main areas of practical collaboration (counteraction against terrorism and transnational crime, emergency response, and maritime security), endorsed a number of documents for the ministers to be adopted at the ARF Hanoi meeting, and decided most of the organizational matters. During the discussion on international and regional problems the participants expressed concern over the growing tension on the Korean Peninsula, and exchanged views on the Iranian nuclear problem, the situation in Afghanistan and the Afghan-Pakistani border area, including the struggle against terrorism and the threat of narcotics, as well as on other key issues of countering traditional and nontraditional security challenges and threats in the AP region.

The statement by the Russian delegation, in particular, emphasized the priority of the task of forming in the region an open and transparent security architecture reflecting the contemporary multipolar realities. In the context of the development of network diplomacy in the AP region a proposal was voiced to establish partner ties between the ARF and the SCO, in particular, on the issues of combating terrorism and drug crime.

May 20, 2010

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