9 July 201210:26

On the upcoming events in terms of ASEAN


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11-12 July in Phnom Penh (Cambodia) the Russian delegation headed by the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs I.V. Morgulov is taking part in annual events in terms of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) – the ministerial conference Russia-ASEAN, the meeting of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of countries participating in East Asia Summits (EAS) and the 19th session of the Regional ASEAN Security Forum (ARF).

Within the meeting with the heads of foreign offices of the Association it is planned to sum up the results of cooperation for the period starting from the last meeting in June 2011 and discuss further efforts for developing the dialogue partnership Russia-ASEAN in terms of the tasks determined at the summit of Russia and ASEAN in October 2010 in Hanoi.

At EAS special attention will be paid to the preparation issues of the regular summit of this association in November 2012 in Phnom Penh, and also to the issues of providing the regional security and developing the collaboration in energy sector, financial field, in terms of emergency response, education and healthcare.

At the ARF session it is planned to coordinate the practical measures aimed at deepening the mutual trust of the countries participating in forum and at providing the stability in the region. The ministerial application on cyber-security proposed by Russia, the working plans of ARF on the emergency response, non-proliferation and disarmament are expected to be adopted.

The discussion of the relevant international and regional issues, including the problematics of formation of the new security and cooperation architecture in the Asian and Pacific Rim, will become the important part of the events.

9 July 2012

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