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24 November 202013:09

Justice was done at Nuremberg (Letter to the Editor of "The Irish Examiner", published on November 23, 2020)


I would like to commend Professor Geoffrey Roberts and the Irish Examiner for commemorating the beginning, in November 1945 of the International Military Tribunal in Nuremberg, Germany (Irish Examiner, November 20, 2020) for an informative article.

Indeed, that was a momentous event, which put a definitive and appropriate end to the saga of the Second World War. By way of Nuremberg conclusions military victory over Nazism was complete with political condemnation, judicial judgement, and moral denunciation.

The Soviet people that endured the most powerful attacks and followed the great sacrificial path to the victory, had its own charge presented at the Tribunal – for all those 26.5m killed in the battlefield and during mass civilian killings, for countless wounded and crippled, for the thousands cities ruined and villages burned.

Against that background, it seems that any notion that the trial “was not as righteous as hoped” — as your headline suggests — is ethically wrong. Not only justice was done at Nuremberg — fundamental principles and values of the post-war world order were born. We have to be careful to preserve them for generations to come.


Yuriy Filatov,

Ambassador of Russia to Ireland, 

184-186 Orwell Rd, Dublin 14


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