14 October 202115:00

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s video address to the 4th Global Forum of Young Diplomats “Victory Diplomacy,” Moscow, October 14, 2021

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Colleagues, friends,

I am delighted to have this opportunity to speak before the 4th Global Forum of Young Diplomats, which, at its inception, was timed to coincide with the 75th anniversary of Victory over Nazism. I am pleased to state that you have finally managed to get together in Moscow despite the challenging situation with the pandemic. With the international situation remaining tense, your efforts aimed at strengthening international cooperation are particularly valuable.

The theme of your gathering – Victory Diplomacy – is quite symbolic. During the difficult war years, the Allies acted with perspicacity, wisdom and foresight. They were able to put aside their differences, including in ideology, and to join their efforts in the name of defeating a common enemy and eradicating misanthropic ideas. They went down in history as the creators of a post-war world architecture, of which the United Nations Organisation has become the cornerstone.

Over the long history of its existence, the UN has proved its effectiveness in maintaining global peace and security – even in the face of differences between the global powers. The UN Charter remains the key source of the modern system of international law. We are convinced that there is no and cannot be any reasonable alternative to the UN-centric architecture. Clearly, no neo-colonial concepts such as “rules-based world order” can ensure a safe, stable, and inclusive development of humankind.

Regrettably, I have to admit that purposeful efforts have been made recently to unabashedly falsify the WWII events. A number of countries, primarily Ukraine and the Baltic States, ​​are openly promoting Nazi ideas and values, and national radicals are reinforcing their positions. Attempts are being made to equate victims to executioners and to glorify Nazis and their henchmen. The purpose of these actions goes beyond pitting countries and peoples against one another, but is also to revise the universally recognised international legal outcomes of the Great Victory enshrined in the UN Charter and in the rulings of the Nuremberg Trials. This kind of policy undermines the basic foundations of the world order and jeopardises the fundamental principles of ensuring human rights.

As a founder of the UN and a permanent member of the UN Security Council, Russia will continue to vigorously oppose these negative and dangerous trends. In particular, Russia’s annual resolution on the unacceptability of glorifying Nazism, which enjoys broad-based support across the world, is aimed at achieving this objective. I would like to once again call on our Western colleagues to support our draft resolution.


The WWII experience of an ideology-free alliance and cooperation can be useful today, when the international community is faced with numerous common challenges and threats that have a clearly transboundary nature. Clearly, effectively overcoming them is only possible in a collaborative effort based on internationally recognised provisions of international law. In this regard, Russian diplomacy is open to close cooperation with any nation that is ready for honest joint work without hidden agendas or double standards. It is gratifying to know that such partners constitute the overwhelming majority of our contacts.

I am confident that your forum can also make a contribution to the common efforts to improve the international situation. I am aware that the Charter of the International Association of Young Diplomats will be presented during today’s meeting. It is comforting to know that our experience allows us to bring the dialogue between young specialists in international affairs from different countries to a new level and to put it on a systematic basis. We welcome and support in every way this kind of activities that are geared, among other things, to promoting the innovative concept of “horizontal diplomacy” and maintaining an atmosphere of trust and mutual understanding between peoples.

I wish you productive discussions and all the best.




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