31 October 201919:06

Remarks by Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov at a presentation given by the Republic of Udmurtia, Moscow, October 31, 2019

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Mr Brechalov,

Your Excellencies,

Ladies and gentlemen,

It is a great pleasure for me to welcome all of you to our mansion and to yet another presentation by a Russian region. Today, it will be the Udmurtian Republic. I welcome representatives of federal and regional authorities, our colleagues from the diplomatic corps, members of the Russian and foreign business communities and our fellow-journalists.

Udmurtia is a unique region having an identity of its own, where different cultures come into contact, enriching one another. In the distant year of 1489, the northern part of this region, which was part of the Vyatka area at that time – was integrated into the Russian state while its southern area was included as part of Russia in 1552, at the same time as the Kazan Khanate was.

Today, Udmurtia with its vast industrial potential ranks among the country’s leaders, in terms of industrial growth rates, which keep increasing. The republic has rich deposits of minerals, primarily oil, and manufactures modern equipment required for this field on a large scale. In addition to this, it is Russia’s only producer of zirconium and calcium products, which are used in the nuclear industry.    

Udmurtia is internationally recognised as a high-technology and reliable defence industry centre and also well known for its space radio electronics and it has the infrastructure required for this sector. It has an industrial cluster of defence factories, which has evolved over time, including the Izhevsk Aksion-Holding Motor Plant, the Izhevsk Electromechanical Plant Kupol , the Votkinsky Zavod Plant, the Kalashnikov Concern, the Izhevsk Mechanical Plant and the Chepetsky Mechanical Plant.

Today, the republic’s authorities are handling very important matters, such as supporting small and medium-sized businesses and developing the transport infrastructure.  Great attention is attached to the efforts being made to implement social programmes and support youth initiatives and the volunteer movement.

Udmurtia is expanding and improving its external economic and international ties and we are doing our very best to support these efforts. Udmurtia maintains relations with over 100 countries, including China, the Republic of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Romania and the Republic of Korea. Thanks to Udmurtia’s well-considered and sensible investment policy, foreign businesses’ heightened interest in the region continues unabated.

With its vast tourist potential, Udmurtia is an inalienable part of Russia’s rich cultural and historical heritage. It has 84 cultural heritage sites, which have federal status, and 22 cultural heritage sites of regional significance, including those associated with outstanding personalities, such as Pyotr Tchaikovsky, writer and 1812 Patriotic War hero Nadezhda Durova and many others.

This year the region will celebrate on a grand scale the centenary of the birth of the legendary firearms inventor Mikhail Kalashnikov. He led the work to create the armaments that have become the symbol of our army. The Kalashnikov submachine gun has earned itself a reputation, in its own right, as one of the 20th-century’s most important inventions and it will remain a reliable weapon in the arsenal of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and many other countries for many decades yet to come.  A number of regions of the Russian Federation, as well as leading Russian companies, members of the business and academic communities, cultural figures and athletes have already actively joined the preparations to mark the centenary of Kalashnikov’s birth.  

I believe that today’s presentation will allow all those present here to gain an in-depth knowledge of the opportunities that the region offers in the economy, including investment opportunities, and in cultural cooperation as well as people-to-people ties, including tourism.

I would like to wish Head of Udmurtia Mr Brechalov and all the residents of the republic every success together with prosperity and I would like to wish all you here all the very best. Enjoy yourselves at this interesting evening.




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