27 September 201920:25

Press release on Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s meeting with US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo

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On September 27, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov held a separate meeting with US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo on the sidelines of the 74th UN General Assembly session in New York. They discussed a broad range of items on the joint agenda.

Mr Lavrov emphasised that Russia is open to dialogue with the United States in many diverse areas but that constructive cooperation is only possible if it is based on respect for each other’s interests. In this context, Mr Lavrov noted the futility of the attempts to impose sanctions or exert other pressure on Russia because they only damage the prospects for bilateral cooperation in resolving key global issues and undermine global security. The Foreign Minister emphasised that the denial of visas to Russian representatives for attending multilateral events at the UN was unacceptable, as well as for resuming the bilateral dialogue.

Mr Lavrov and Mr Pompeo also discussed the prospects for their interaction for a settlement on the Korean Peninsula, in Afghanistan and other regions of the world.

Mr Lavrov expressed the hope that the new authorities in Ukraine would start fulfilling the Minsk Agreements of February 12, 2015 in good faith.  

The officials shared the opinion that the foundation for overcoming the Syrian conflict was a peaceful negotiating process under the aegis of the UN with the participation of all constructive forces, with the respect for the country’s sovereignty, preservation of its territorial integrity and the final elimination of terrorist hotbeds.

Mr Lavrov and Mr Pompeo also reviewed issues related to bilateral relations.






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