14 July 202119:41

Anti-Russia publication on Russian aid to the CAR in US media

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Some Western media cannot accept еhe progressing normalisation in the Central African Republic (CAR) which was affected by clashes between its regular troops and armed gangs. They are most indignant that credit for reaching peace largely goes to the Russian instructors who were invited by the lawful CAR authorities to help national armed forces and law-enforcement bodies upgrade their combat capability. The quicker the settlement process proceeds, the more monstrous anti-Russia fabrications are produced by disreputable American journalists. 

CNN fired yet another propagandist salvo on June 15 by broadcasting inaccurate information about the crimes that our specialists have supposedly committed against CAR civilians. Once again, it used sensationalised “facts” about Russian “mercenaries from PMC Wagner” that “robbed people and killed children” and committed other unthinkable offenses against the local people. To enhance the dramatic effect, these journalists published photos of a mosque with walls peppered with bullets and a corpse of a civilian wrapped in dead-clothes. They also quoted testimonies by eyewitnesses who saw how civilians were shot from helicopters, detonated by anti-personnel mines or massacred for collaborating with anti-government forces.

The character of the planned anti-Russia campaign is betrayed by the material published almost simultaneously with the CNN story. This is the June 16 joint statement by Head of the US House Foreign Affairs Committee, Democrat Gregory Meeks and Lead Republican Michael McCaul with accusations against “the Kremlin-controlled Wagner group.” An address to the Joseph Biden administration demands an inquiry into the supposed role of the PMC in summary execution, rape and the cruel treatment of civilians.

No conclusive evidence of Russian involvement in the above crimes was presented. As always, viewers are asked to believe the TV channel and the congressmen “per word.” This demarche is yet another attempt by certain circles in Washington to expand the systematic challenge to our country by establishing new regional fronts for confronting Russia, now in Africa.

In this context, the Western media and government institutions have become markedly more active in smearing Russian aid in African countries, primarily in the CAR. One of the aims of these efforts is to justify the attempts of the US and its allies to interfere in the internal affairs in various countries to overthrow “objectionable regimes.” The excuse is usually the same: “to protect the civilian population.” Similar scenarios have been tested in Somalia, Iraq, Libya and Syria, all of whom are still recovering from American “humanitarian interventions.” At the same time, the American media obviously lack the courage to conduct a serious journalistic inquiry into the activities of US “secret armies” that commit heinous crimes against civilians in foreign territories from Pakistan to West Africa, or special operations in North Korea and Iran. Incidentally, as distinct from US secret armies that rely on local gangs, Russian aid is always distributed on lawful grounds in the interests of establishing peace and order. A group of Russian instructors was sent to the CAR at the request of its leaders and with the knowledge of the UN Security Council Sanctions Committee on the CAR established by Resolution 2127. Indicatively, none of them has taken part in combat operations.

It is unfortunate that professional ethics and firm journalistic principles to distribute only authentic information are just an empty phrase for current US media, which do not hesitate to spin fakes about Russian mercenaries in the CAR and other stories. 

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